No, disable intel_pstate doesn't mean you "unlocked" anything, at least base on the fact

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I think this was something that we all made mistake, adding intel_pstate=disable into grub command-line, seeing it open more CPU Frequencies to choose, and then thinking that it "unlocked" the...
How to save your alsa audio configuration on Android-x86
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I. Introduction

Audio problem is one of the most asked question in our Discord server, whether it's mic problem, or some HDMI audio. After digging the whole Internet for some fix (which can even make you bootloop) or alsamixer, you are wondering is there any way...
Linux Basics - Getting into Linux
How to Free Up RAM in any Windows. Boost your RAM.
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Hi Guys, I am Jaxparrow.
In this Post, I am going to show to how to free up RAM and Windows 10 make your windows work faster. We are not going to tweak it too much. Just going to free up the RAM in our PC. Before we begin. We need a software called...
Block blue lights from Devices to help Sleep and protect eyes
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Courtesy Witty Sparks

First, I am not a Doctor. I want help Gamers who spends most of the time in playing Games in their Phones/PC's. So, read this article if you are. This is for your health. I am not profited in this. I am posting this only for gamers like...

Set Kernel to trick BIOS that it’s running a Windows version

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Some devices especially laptops is trying to limit the function of Linux by cutting down some hardware or limit...

PUBG HDR Ultra 4K 60FPS Test | PhoenixOS DarkMatter | Intel i9 9900K UHD 630 | GFX Tool Settings

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Following on from my last DM-PUBG without any game audio, here's another one explaining the setup and with the audio from the game captured via an analogue interface, not HDMI.

I'd really appreciate any guidance on how to fix the HDMI audio issue I'm having. Here's the YouTube...
Update Intel Microcode to Avoid TSC_DEADLINE Problem
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Have you ever feel annoyed when booting into Darkmatter or any Android-x86 version that show a warning like :
[Firmware Bug]: TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to version: 0x52 (or later)
It still boot, but you are feeling annoyed...
Opera GX - The Web Browser for Gamers
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Ever heard of a Gaming Browser ? Sounds kinda funny right ? But this isn't going to be funny. Let's get practical. I'll keep this short since Opera GX homepage hasn't left me pretty much anything extra to bloat about ?

The BIG words to be said: Opera GX is the first ever Gaming...
Things That Can Get You Banned in PUBG MOBILE
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If you're a PUBG MOBILE player then you should definitely check this article carefully.
These are also partially noted in the PUBG terms-of-service. Most of the PUBG players aren't aware about these. Thus they literally rage for a while wondering why their account got banned.

Since it...
KDE neon | One of the Best Linux Distro for a Newbie
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First of all you need to know what is Linux.
To be clear, Linux is no operating system from as is.
In simple words it's the thing which operating systems has to depend on.
Linux kernel handles everything that happens in your operating system from the core...
A Lightweight & Minimalistic Windows 7 alike Start-Menu Replacement for any Windows!
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If you're using either Windows8.1 or Windows10 then this is something which might be helpful for you. Also we all know that there is no traditional start-menu in Windows8.1 as in Windows7 or Windows10.

The software which I will be introducing here will bring a totally native start-menu...
The Real Virtual Mouse Experience in Android Phone!
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Today I'm back again with another awesome thing that I've been using for like an year.
And trust me, if you got a big ass phone which is hard to handle one handed then this is just for you!

You know how phones are like nowadays, they're more like a mini-tv in your pockets compared with...
How to change PhoenixOS default Launcher
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So in this guide i'll show you how you can change your default Phoenix os Launcher or convert Phoenix OS Desktop mode into tablet mode.

[ Step 1 : Download you launcher ]

> Find & download the apk of your launcher from apkmirror website.
Call of Duty mobile has entered the Ban Wave
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Since PUBG Mobile has started banning Phoenix OS users to force them into using Gameloop, now it's time for Call of Duty Mobile.

Yes you hear this right this is official & since both games are from Tencent & they want to reduce the number of cheaters on the servers.

So the best...

[GearLock Trick] What to do if your gaming performance get decreased after a few days in an android-x86

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Do you think that your overall gaming performance is getting lower and lower after each use?
Then I have an idea which can help you cover this up.

The question is, why does this happen? What I think is that, something inside your data folder is surely being changed which...
How to fix stucked at LOGO after few uses over a ext4 android_x86 with ParagonEXTFS
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Stucked at logo is caused by corupt ext4 partiton/Directory.

if your stucked at logo after 3-6 uses/reboots then follow these steps

boot to Windows [ATTACH type="full"...
Fix Screen Recording error in Octopus (Game Helper) app
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Hi Guys,
Today, we're gonna see how to fix the error in the video recorded in "Otcopus" aka Game Helper. I have searched the internet for a long time and found some solutions and tried it on my PC. And the solution has worked for me. You can also try these methods and...
Best alternatives to PUBG Mobile
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I think we all know that Tencent doesn't want us to play PUBG mobile on 3rd party Emulators and use app than can give you small advantage in game performance.
also i think they have enabled some very bad anti cheat detection system in their server that will...
How to Free up Memory upto 1000 MB Easily with LSpeed
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Hey Folks,
Today We're gonna see how to tweak LSPEED and free up memory upto 1000MB. This is working for me and my friends. So, Make sure to download the files required before doing

My Laptop RAM : DDR3 4GB (3.46 Usable)
Games Playing ...