How to fix stucked at LOGO after few uses over a ext4 android_x86 with ParagonEXTFS
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Stucked at logo is caused by corupt ext4 partiton/Directory.

if your stucked at logo after 3-6 uses/reboots then follow these steps

boot to Windows [ATTACH type="full"...
Fix Screen Recording error in Octopus (Game Helper) app
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Hi Guys,
Today, we're gonna see how to fix the error in the video recorded in "Otcopus" aka Game Helper. I have searched the internet for a long time and found some solutions and tried it on my PC. And the solution has worked for me. You can also try these methods and...
Best alternatives to PUBG Mobile
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I think we all know that Tencent doesn't want us to play PUBG mobile on 3rd party Emulators and use app than can give you small advantage in game performance.
also i think they have enabled some very bad anti cheat detection system in their server that will...
How to Free up Memory upto 1000 MB Easily with LSpeed
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Hey Folks,
Today We're gonna see how to tweak LSPEED and free up memory upto 1000MB. This is working for me and my friends. So, Make sure to download the files required before doing

My Laptop RAM : DDR3 4GB (3.46 Usable)
Games Playing ...
How to fix Tethering and cable not connected
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So most of you are people with a pc or laptop and have a mobile phone or Dongle/JioFi for internet and sometimes ethernet (Tethering) doest work and have to reboot several times to get it working but now ive found a solution.[ATTACH...
The best version of Windows which is unknown for most people
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Everyone knows about Windows Xp / Vista, Windows 7 or 8 and now Windows 10.
But, did you ever wonder if there was any other version between these?
Well, actually there are also some other different kinds of windows...
How to Fix cropped external moniter in phoenix os
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If you have an external monitor / TV connected to your PhoenixOS, you might have faced cropped screen issue.
Since many of you guys are asking how to fix this i think i should make a post on how you can fix this with grub2win & some extra grub codes.
How to fix mic & sound issues in Phoenix OS Darkmatter 4.4
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You can follow this simple video guide to fix your no sound & mic issues in Phoenix OS Darkmatter 4.4

[Points to remember]

#1 You don't need to Edit you file to add alsa presets.

#2 you can apply alsa_preset using gearlock app >> option 8>> option 4 >> select any preset (1-4) &...

The story behind Project DarkMatter

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DarkMatter is just an unofficial polished version of the offical PhoenixOS. Not alike others, it has some special features which makes it unique. Since this is based on PhoenixOS, thus all the credits goes...