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How to Free Up RAM in any Windows. Boost your RAM.
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Hi Guys, I am Jaxparrow.
In this Post, I am going to show to how to free up RAM and Windows 10 make your windows work faster. We are not going to tweak it too much. Just going to free up the RAM in our PC. Before we begin. We need a software called...
Block blue lights from Devices to help Sleep and protect eyes
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Courtesy Witty Sparks

First, I am not a Doctor. I want help Gamers who spends most of the time in playing Games in their Phones/PC's. So, read this article if you are. This is for your health. I am not profited in this. I am posting this only for gamers like...
Fix Screen Recording error in Octopus (Game Helper) app
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Hi Guys,
Today, we're gonna see how to fix the error in the video recorded in "Otcopus" aka Game Helper. I have searched the internet for a long time and found some solutions and tried it on my PC. And the solution has worked for me. You can also try these methods and...
How to Free up Memory upto 1000 MB Easily with LSpeed
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Hey Folks,
Today We're gonna see how to tweak LSPEED and free up memory upto 1000MB. This is working for me and my friends. So, Make sure to download the files required before doing

My Laptop RAM : DDR3 4GB (3.46 Usable)
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