Opera GX - The Web Browser for Gamers
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Ever heard of a Gaming Browser ? Sounds kinda funny right ? But this isn't going to be funny. Let's get practical. I'll keep this short since Opera GX homepage hasn't left me pretty much anything extra to bloat about ?

The BIG words to be said: Opera GX is the first ever Gaming...
Things That Can Get You Banned in PUBG MOBILE
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If you're a PUBG MOBILE player then you should definitely check this article carefully.
These are also partially noted in the PUBG terms-of-service. Most of the PUBG players aren't aware about these. Thus they literally rage for a while wondering why their account got banned.

Since it...
Call of Duty mobile has entered the Ban Wave
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Since PUBG Mobile has started banning Phoenix OS users to force them into using Gameloop, now it's time for Call of Duty Mobile.

Yes you hear this right this is official & since both games are from Tencent & they want to reduce the number of cheaters on the servers.

So the best...