KDE neon | One of the Best Linux Distro for a Newbie
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First of all you need to know what is Linux.
To be clear, Linux is no operating system from as is.
In simple words it's the thing which operating systems has to depend on.
Linux kernel handles everything that happens in your operating system from the core...

Learn Which Kernel or Mesa Driver Would Work the Best for You on Android-x86

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This article was written with the intention of making it easier for android-x86 users on selecting the most suitable kernel or mesa according to their hardware.

What is Kernel ?

In simple words it's the thing which linux based operating...
A Lightweight & Minimalistic Windows 7 alike Start-Menu Replacement for any Windows!
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If you're using either Windows8.1 or Windows10 then this is something which might be helpful for you. Also we all know that there is no traditional start-menu in Windows8.1 as in Windows7 or Windows10.

The software which I will be introducing here will bring a totally native start-menu...
The Real Virtual Mouse Experience in Android Phone!
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Today I'm back again with another awesome thing that I've been using for like an year.
And trust me, if you got a big ass phone which is hard to handle one handed then this is just for you!

You know how phones are like nowadays, they're more like a mini-tv in your pockets compared with...
The best version of Windows which is unknown for most people
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Everyone knows about Windows Xp / Vista, Windows 7 or 8 and now Windows 10.
But, did you ever wonder if there was any other version between these?
Well, actually there are also some other different kinds of windows...