Linux Basics - Getting into Linux
How to Free Up RAM in any Windows. Boost your RAM.
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Hi Guys, I am Jaxparrow.
In this Post, I am going to show to how to free up RAM and Windows 10 make your windows work faster. We are not going to tweak it too much. Just going to free up the RAM in our PC. Before we begin. We need a software called...
Update Intel Microcode to Avoid TSC_DEADLINE Problem
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Have you ever feel annoyed when booting into Darkmatter or any Android-x86 version that show a warning like :
[Firmware Bug]: TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to version: 0x52 (or later)
It still boot, but you are feeling annoyed...
KDE neon | One of the Best Linux Distro for a Newbie
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First of all you need to know what is Linux.
To be clear, Linux is no operating system from as is.
In simple words it's the thing which operating systems has to depend on.
Linux kernel handles everything that happens in your operating system from the core...
The Real Virtual Mouse Experience in Android Phone!
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Today I'm back again with another awesome thing that I've been using for like an year.
And trust me, if you got a big ass phone which is hard to handle one handed then this is just for you!

You know how phones are like nowadays, they're more like a mini-tv in your pockets compared with...

[GearLock Trick] What to do if your gaming performance get decreased after a few days in an android-x86

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Do you think that your overall gaming performance is getting lower and lower after each use?
Then I have an idea which can help you cover this up.

The question is, why does this happen? What I think is that, something inside your data folder is surely being changed which...
The best version of Windows which is unknown for most people
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Everyone knows about Windows Xp / Vista, Windows 7 or 8 and now Windows 10.
But, did you ever wonder if there was any other version between these?
Well, actually there are also some other different kinds of windows...