How to Free Up RAM in any Windows. Boost your RAM.
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Hi Guys, I am Jaxparrow.
In this Post, I am going to show to how to free up RAM and Windows 10 make your windows work faster. We are not going to tweak it too much. Just going to free up the RAM in our PC. Before we begin. We need a software called...
A Lightweight & Minimalistic Windows 7 alike Start-Menu Replacement for any Windows!
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If you're using either Windows8.1 or Windows10 then this is something which might be helpful for you. Also we all know that there is no traditional start-menu in Windows8.1 as in Windows7 or Windows10.

The software which I will be introducing here will bring a totally native start-menu...
The best version of Windows which is unknown for most people
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Everyone knows about Windows Xp / Vista, Windows 7 or 8 and now Windows 10.
But, did you ever wonder if there was any other version between these?
Well, actually there are also some other different kinds of windows...