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  • the popup windows initial installation I check in an hour but can't process
    Hi. Can't post a reply for 24 hours for some reason so i'll just paste it here.

    Ok i did some digging on Google . I found tutorials about enabling Beats Audio subwoofer in HP Pavilion DV6/ DV7 on linux. Ubuntu to be specific. So does that help you?

    hy ..can tell how compiling this kernel comet again on to compile itself for my old laptop drive hardware to better suit my laptop.. if can, tell what rule and step .. thanks if help me
    hello, i need your help with my tablet chuwi hi10pro, after i installed drakmatter, touchscreen didnt work, and rotation is upside down, when i rotate to landscape it become potrait and so on, i cant find the solution on google. thx
    Hi HM i asked for help in your Discord server and some one banned me then idk y please unbann me
    if something wrong i did then i will not do that again.
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