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    Help! Installation failed. unlimited installation after subscribtion to phoenix VIP.

    @vijayraj Let me Help You with This Problem. This occurs when You Install More Than 40+ Apps From Package Installer. it is a limit set by Phoenix Vip Service. So Here's is a Solution :- [Step 1] :- Install Link2SD Plus From Google Play Store or here's a link -...
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    PUBG mobile key mapping

    Make Sure you are Running Darkmatter in Full Resolution (Your desktop/laptop's Screen Resolution) Although, as I've seen. If you Install Pubg in any mod os of phoenix.. The Game Helper Automatically Provides Default Keymapping. The Only Fix Coming to my Mind yet is - 1st . Re-installing Pubg...
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    Can i backup my original mesa?

    Thanks Brother , This File Will Help me in The Future, well for Now i've Re-installed The Darkmatter exo 4.6. and Now my Game is Running Perfectly! Ty!
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    Can i backup my original mesa?

    Continuesly I'm facing Graphical Glitches in PubgM. although i'm getting50-60fps in game. *but back to the topic* there were no graphical glitches untill i've installed mesa 19 and 20 version. The Game was running Quite well with the mesa 17.1.10(git-4e85d46) SO, now the real question and a...
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    as a user , i've noticed that updating MESA is big fault , it deform graphics of 3d Buldings in pubg. So i'll suggest you toOnly update your kernel to 19 version. My specs I3-4100 8gb ram
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    HELP!! I can't Find Gearlock Folder In Fx file Manager

    thank you, all tysm! i found it
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    HELP!! I can't Find Gearlock Folder In Fx file Manager

    So, i've Installed Phoeix os Darkmatter's Latest Version in an Ext4 Partition. i was looking something like "how toupdate kernal and mesa" so i found that i need to put the kernal file into the " gearlock File/Folder" But when i Opened my Fx File manger i couldn't find the Gearlock Folder. So...