Darkmatter Essential Apps Pack

GearLock-Package Darkmatter Essential Apps Pack 4.0

After installation, can't boot to DM.
Error : CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "getprop": library "libcutils.so" not found

Please help

PS: I'm using EXO 4.7 BETA-2
Bro when i installed the GameHelper version in pack it delete the gamehelper wtf !!!
check your apk in folder #/system/app/CZGameMaster.
there must be a .bak file for backup.
shade launcher will remove old file explore, how can i get it back?
what changes in - Disable Phoenix OS signature verification , and also what change in Game Heper Beta ?
Please reply in the Discussion (2nd page).
every time i install viperfx i got driver install failed error u can help me plz
just reboot when you get viperfx driver error. it will work
viperfx driver is pre-installed in the system
nice ??
It would be better when you'd backup the system apps which you intend to change upon installation so that anyone can recover them.
A possible way is to do it on uninstall.sh or extension.sh for recovering later on.