GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86

Software GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86 7.1.1

how do i get gaming protocol
Plz fix the bug unable to supercharge system image in 6.8.8 in NTFS partition and also unable to install magisk because no host associate issue ... I tried old version to supercharge my NTFS partition image and also plz fix issue in grub code it doesn't show all processor frequencies in performance tweaker i changed the grub code then applied the full frequencies through gearlock..
I tried to install 3 time in NTFS and 5 times in EXT4 but the issues were same so i resolved them myself so plz fix these issue specially supercharge and magisk install error...
Thanks ☺👍
Overall excellent work by team Dark matter
It actually already supercharged your OS but only in the user-interface you will get that false-positive message on 6.8.8 (I forgot to update a size in UI)
Should be fixed in next update.

And about magisk, I'll be coming along with a different approach to workaround some other pre-existing magisk issues persisting over android-86 aprart from the *gearlock magisk installation bug you told about.
Thanks for app
AXON is Grateful for your work, now I can play games on Remix os 64bit(I really like it, its stability).And my old computer on 775 socket SSE 4.1, now thanks to you, it is not useless for Android at all.From January 2019 could not start Standoff 2,now it works,I can not but rejoice.
My first comment so I'm not sure how things work here, anyways how can i update Gearlock in POS Dark Matter?
Simple, just follow the same GearLock installation process.
enabling unity app crash fix causes unity apps to e uninstalled and cant install them again. How to fix?
Sometimes that is caused because of preexisting /data, so for some android version if you want to use that fix then its preferred that you apply it right after a clean installation. Now if you want to revert back, then simply use the same function and you should be able to disable it from there.