GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86

Software GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86 7.1.15

  • build-system: Ability to autogen Changelog in my own way :p (Tired of all the funny tools out there)
  • Implement showing last error code in bash prompt
  • change Thomas Edition quote with Nikola Tesla one in gearinit
  • improve bashrc and implement extended bash history logging
  • Unexpected big font being applied in main.src/1 after a job
  • gdk: Resolve wrong variable names
  • gxpm: Unexpected exit due to a missing variable
  • version: Testing a version change on auto-versioning.
  • build-system: Exclude merge commits in makeme auto-versioning
  • build-system: Exclude last CI commit
  • build-system: Makeme semver error
  • do not export BASH_HISTORY vars to avoid conflict with other shells on invocation in bashrc
  • version: update version code
  • wrong supercharge applet path in gearinit
  • use of wrong HOME variabe in bash.bashrc
  • update PATH in GearLock core according to recent changes
  • add missing newline at the end in core/gst.src/10
  • build-system: Improve gen.conventionalChangelog()
  • build-system: Increase patchLevel version bump limit
  • build-system: Improve patch.aosp_root() function in makeme
  • build-system: Improve shebang fixing in makeme
  • build-system: Set max patch level to 20 in makeme
  • no more useless use of CAT in gearinit
  • no longer mask stderr&stdout in fixfs
  • Add new scope in code-workplace
  • build-system: Implement auto versioning
  • Fix core-workspace folder wildcard matching
  • Use semantic-pull-request in encforce_cc.yml
  • Enforce CC specifications for commits on PRs
  • Add workflow badge in
I'm really proud to announce that this release is based on the open-sourced code, this was really a thing ...
So, here we go ...

ChangeLog (Not precise I guess)
  1. feat: GearLock is now completely opensource, yay!
  2. feat: GearLock, each and every one of its applets and modules are 3x faster than before because of its open-nature!
  3. feat: auto-googlePlayServices-updater disabler function in "game/system tweaks."
  4. feat: new magisk-installer with rusty-magisk integration in "extra misc.".
  5. perf: improve interface themes.
  6. feat: new overlay() feature in gearboot (Undocumented 😅 , will do it soon since its cool)
  7. feat: dual REBOOT_REQ modes (for example: now you can specify if you wanna skip REBOOT_REQ in recovery mode)
  8. fix: return from load_dri() when AUTO_LOAD=old is passed for gearinit.
  9. fix: android_runtime hooking of gearboot from gearinit for android-11.
  10. fix: only allow FS restoration in recovery-mode for additional safety.
  11. feat: add bashbox source.
  12. feat: implement support for fixing both .img and extFS at the same time on fixfs.
  13. fix: issues with terminal-emulator UI for android-11 on ui-core.
  14. perf: improvements in recovery mode.
  15. fix: add android-11 PATH extras in gearinit.rc
  16. fix: make geco to be self-executable.
  17. refactor: improve gstatus.
  18. refactor: improve fixfs.
  19. refactor: re-arrange menu in gearlock-app.
  20. feat: have $GHOME/.local/bin in PATH.
  21. fix: change back TERM type to LINUX to overcome some issues.
  22. refactor: changes in ghome file hierarchy creation.
  23. pref: rewrite in gearlock ui core functions.
  24. pref: rewrite gearlock core in relatively better syntax.
  25. refactor: improve write_gblog() function in gearboot.
  26. perf: optimize volatile mountpoint access checking.
  27. perf: improve gearlock-cli gearlock-post.
  28. fix: improve CPU_ARCH and HOST_ARCH detection.
  29. fix: empty NTFS partition mounted (@Night )
  30. perf: improvements in GDK.
  31. fix: don't skip updating gearlock-app & FX when gearlock installer is used outside of android-ENV.
  32. perf: improve gearlock-installer.
  33. feat: use vendorsetup only for adding Gearlock to AOSP build (@Electrikjesus )
Did you know ?
You can now build GearLock yourself and get its new features even before the public releases :D
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Yes you heard that right, I had this planned a long time before and now finally it's time!
Now you can help make it even better :)

A new version based on the opensourced code will be released soon, or you can also build it yourself before I do.
  • Bugfix in OhMyRam. (Thanks to @TripleK2004 for helping in debugging)
  • Now gearlock-cli supports passing command line arguments to target program.
  • Improvements in gsudo, now it won't mix up complex arguments.
  • Now installiso accepts external input.
  • Fix some missing symlinks caused in last update.
As usual you should be able to receive OTA update of 7.0 directly from GearLock.
I don't hope to work on another update any sooner, not at least on this year anymore.
Please just be a bugless update this time 😂
  • New feature: Install or Update Operating-System from ISO {Extra misc}. ( #feature-request by @Electrikjesus )
  • New feature: Oh My Ram - Use RAM as /data for faster r/w speeds {Game / Sys Tweaks}. ( #feature-request by @TripleK2004 )
  • Fix false-positive of SuperCharge needed message in gearlock-Ui. (Reported by @Electrikjesus and others)
  • More bugfix in native gxpm kernel and mesa scripts.
  • Bugfix in magisk-installer, now there shouldn't be any issues on fetching latest release as of now.
  • Rearrange and properly categorize some menu elements.
  • Improvements in MetroUi theme regarding file-selection and other window sizes for some certain things.