GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86

Software GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86 7.1.15

  • Improvements in gxpm/mesa-native.

  • Fix syntax error of CPU Governor & Frequency changer. ( Reported by @code404 )
  • Fix syntax error of Auto OpenGapps Updater.
  • Fix unexpected syntax error in mesa-native/job ( Reported by @prazal.soti1 )
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  • Add android-11 support.
  • Fix loading issue for hid-apple keyboard driver in recovery mode.
  • New feature (was previously removed): AlsaPresets, should work flawlessly for any android OS. {Found at Game/Sys tweaks menu}
  • Add a new boot parameter called SC_SIZE, you can define your system image expansion size with it in MB format to overwrite the default one (Example: SC_SIZE=4000). But by default, now SC_SIZE is 5000, was 6000MB before.
  • Highly optimize all core files (again!), thus the gearlock cpio image is now 76MB in size (15MB less!). Yes. that's a lot in terms of ram(tempfs) space for /.
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  • Set MIN-API to SDK 22 for supporting Android Marshmallow and Lolipop. (Reported by @RIM)

  • Add a special feature for blissOS builds by @Electrikjesus on recovery-mode, including more optimizations in recovery-mode.

  • Minor improvements in ON-DEVICE-GDK.

  • Auto unload pcspkr on boot-comp for those facing unexpected beeping sound on keypress.
    * Magisk-TTY1 fix has been removed.
    * More optimizations in gearboot.

  • Improvements in SuperCharging.

  • Fix an unexpected syntax error in gearlock-core. (Happened in last update, opps

  • Removed gearhost since it doesn't seem much useful.

  • Removed gearrec (cli), planning to make an cli extension instead (With no recording limits and submi_r support).

  • Improvements in gearlock-cli.
As usual, OTA update has been pushed and you should be able to directly update from GearLock.
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