GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86

Software GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86 7.1.1

  • Complete re-write of GXPM ZipFlash. Means more optimization and now it can print live output of zip installation process.

  • Now you can AutoMake GXPM install-able Mesa-Package from your current booted system directly without doing anything in seconds! Will work flawlessless for almost any android-x86 version. (Check >> More > Dev-Zone) {on-device-GDK}

  • Bugfix in AutoMake Kernel-Package for on-device-GDK.

  • A new implementation to workaround the situation when KERNEL_IMAGE was not defined by the boot-loader. (Will be helpful for rEFInd and very old-grub users)

  • New game: nInvaders. (Yes, this is like space invaders!)

  • Update coreutils to v8.32

  • Optimization and bugfix in gstatus.

  • Many improvements in GDK, implementation of native-scripts usage for new kernel & mesa prebuild-packages.
  • New feature: System Debloater & unGoogler. (Game / System Tweaks)
  • Major improvements in gearboot process handling.
  • Ensure gearlock governor/frequency changer can always get then top priority to apply tasks on each boot.
  • Fix typo in PermanentGoogleLessMode option. (Game / System Tweaks)
  • Major improvements in gearlock-cli.
  • Fix GearLock not properly exiting on tty.
  • Tiny optimization on metro theme.

  • Optimization in recovery-mode.

  • Minor improvements in gearlock-installer executable.

  • Default free commandLine-prog to toybox version.

  • Fix infinite loop in recovery-mode countdown screen for android-10+ liveBoot. ( Reported by @Electrikjesus )

And as usual, the OTA update has been pushed, thus you can also directly update from GearLock itself.

  • Ignore supercharge check (system.img decompression / extension check) for ISO live boot.

  • Improvements in BackupFS function. (Now it will backup your BootFileSystems also for SystemFS option)

  • New Feature: Android DeviceID changer / faker. (Main-Menu >> SystemMask DashBoard)

  • Improve permanent GoogleLess mode function.
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  • Optimize switching process to secondary ramdisk from recovery mode.
  • Bugfix in GearProp giving dependency errors ( Reported by @Ahmad Moemen )
  • Bugfix in system decompression process on first boot about asking to press ENTER.