GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86

Software GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86 7.1.1

This is just a tiny followup bugfix update for the last 6.7 release.

I have another good news, GearLock OTA server is now fully operational and from now on you will get update notifications on GearLock and directly receive the updates from there.

Hint: Use GearLock > More > Updater to directly update to the latest version from 6.2 and above.

  • Bugfix for rEFInd users (Reported by @Rocky Balboa , @Ahmad Moemen , @hamidmulla90 )

  • Complete remake of FileSystem Backup & Restoration, now you can backup/restore either system or data 5X faster than before and more easily in an extensive way. (Previously known as Data Backup & Restore)

  • Improvements in recovery mode also a new boot/file flag: NOSC=0 (NOSC means no-supercharge)

  • Improvements in fixfs, now check & repair process of EXT4/2/3 is lot more faster for the FIXFS bootflag with a cool progress meter.

  • Now you can repair system.img & data.img on NTFS/FAT with FIXFS.

  • Complete remake of data-wipe function of Extra-Misc. (Possible bugfix for a report by @Electrikjesus )

  • Now Img-Extender no longer needs to reboot.

  • Now system decompression as supercharge no longer needs to reboot for EXT4 on nougat and below.

  • Magisk installer/updater has been temporarily disabled for android-10 and above due to incompatibility. (I will need some time to workaround it)

  • Improvements in gearlock-installer.
I realized that there was a simple typo in a thing, although it's no critical but but had to fix it. So GearLock 6.6 was re-uploaded.
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  • Resolve all issues with android-10 (Q) and now GearLock is officially stable for android-10. ( Special thanks to @Electrikjesus for helping me with booting up one of his android-10 builds since i was having issues with it )

  • GearLock now supports Vietnamese language and this is the first translation 😉 ( All credits to @HMTheBoy154 for translating it )

  • Fixed all issues regarding supercharing for android oreo and above ( Reported by @Rocky Balboa )

  • Many things rewritten of recovery-mode which brings more optimization and stability in recovery-mode.|

  • Fix the bug where GearLock won't load when system.sfs is used to initially boot.

  • Bugfix for gearboot where it shows some misleading warnings on firstboot and optimizations in it.

  • The HOST_ARCH variable is now more reliable with a better implementation for developers.

  • Boost REQUEST_SYNC stage of GXPM installation progress by 3x times for NTFS.

  • Improvements in GearLock-Installer.

  • Improvements in fixextfs & img-extender.
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This is the sum of a total 537 commits made in 5weeks focused in optimization, improvements, bugfixes and new-implementations. Below I will try to note out the key changes in a small chnagelog. It's literally the biggest GearLock update by date.

Warning: All of the old kernel packages have been repacked with bugfixes and you must re-download them to avoid any error !!!!!!!! (Phew, it wasn't easy, please don't avoid this message !!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. New feature: Mesa Driver Version faker.

  2. New feature: Now you can repair ext4 partition even without supercharging.

  3. New feature: MidNight Commander FileManager integration in recovery mode. ( #feature-request by @dam && Suggestion by @HMTheBoy154 )

  4. Complete rewrite of GearLock-Installer (Now its a system-indipendent binary, size:38MB)
    * Complete rewrite of GXPM (GearLock Extension & Package Manager)
    * Extensive improvements have been made.
    * It will also force all files to be properly written before reboot.
    * GXPM and garca has been boosted by 3x more speeeed and will preserve all attars statically
    * Add zstd compression method support in garc and p7zip for GXPM (Suggested by @HMTheBoy154 )

  5. Add support for android 10 + 4 + 5 (Not stable for andrid-10)

  6. Now your system will get auto supercharged if not after recovery mode (might be helpful for bliss12.x builds by @Electrikjesus )

  7. GearLock-Installer no longer needs to patch secondary ramdisk.img

  8. Now you can change GearLock configuration easily thru GearLock > Settings (Default theme, norecovery, second-tty etc can be configured)

  9. MetroUi box sizing has been maximised in recovery-mode & in tty.

  10. Before gearlock was partially 100% system-indipendent, but now its totally independent. Because even if you boot with an empty /system you will be still able to operate within recovery-mode. (Before gearlock could only survive if you're already booted but you wiped your system)

  11. Now there are external command line user-utils, they are gxpm, gstatus, fixscreen, gearlock-cli.
    * So, you could do gsudo gxpm -i package-name.gxp to install a gearlock package/extension directly thru command line.
    * Ref:

  12. Made tons of bugfixes (Not possible to mention them one by one) (Some were reported by @pain, @P.B-D.B , @AngusX )

  13. Complete rewrite of gearprop and now it can force overwrite any system property. (Bugs were reported by @xxDaKsHxx , @AngusX and @Night )

  14. GearLock recovery mode will no longer drop VIDEO args passed by grub (Reported by @Electrikjesus )

  15. GearLock wrapper terminal app has been improved a lot, it will also fix terminal sizing when su shell is invoked automatically by running fixscreen.
    * Also fix issues with ALT button handling in stuff like nano and such. (Thanks to @Night for the heads up)

  16. Added a smaller version of bootsound (Credits: @Night )

  17. GearLock boot image size has been reduced by about 40megs, thus it is 80mb now in raw size while it was 120mb before.

  18. All the gearlock libraries & binaries have been recompiled and heavily optimized.

  19. Introducing hook system which allows you to modify gearlock core without touching the actual core.
    * Ref:

  20. GearLock now supports utf8 with mutilang. (EN, VN, CN, ES) (Currently being translated for VN by @HMTheBoy154 , anyone else interested in contributing over this is welcome)

  21. Many of the options in GearLock menu has been rewritten in an optimistic way.

  22. New utils : ttyecho, axel

  23. Now you can purge/remove extra kernel modules by "Game / System Tweaks"

  24. Now GDK accepts command line parameters for compRation & compMethod

  25. More optimizations in core

  26. Bugfix in auto opengapps downloader (caused by progress spinner). (Reported by @Shady )

  27. Now you can auto-make kernel package from currently booted kernel by GearLock > Dev-Zone ( #feature-request by @Night )

  28. Improvements in recovery mode, also some additional changes made to avoid kernel panic in some really darn old devices. (Could be helpful for posbr mods by @erikads898 )
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