GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86

Software GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86 7.1.1

If you're having uEFI BIOS and tried to install GearLock 6.3, the installation might fail and GearLock may not work properly. So, under such circumstances you can try 6.2 and it should work fine. The reason I'm saying this is because you can't expect a bugfix update for this any sooner than 10 days or more.

To get 6.2, click on RELEASES tab.

  • Tons of optimization in booting sequence. (May help in hanged up android init issues)
  • Faster mounting strategies.
  • Some python implementation to avoid unnecessary loops and speed up tasks.
  • Miscellaneous bug-fixes and optimizations across whole GearLock and in it's sub-projects.
Yup, here goes the ....

ChangeLog !

  • New-Feature: Now you can install TWRP flashable zip's with GearLock. Yes, you heard it right!
    Check the main post to learn more about the compatibility topic.

  • New-Feature: Disable build-in keyboard { In > Game / System Tweaks } (A very old feature-request by @ThePinchuPanda )

  • New-Feature: Auto Download Latest flashable opengapps and flash with GearLock-Package-manager!

  • New boot-flag: NOGFX for recovery mode (Check BOOT-FLAGS topic at main-post). Can help those who might be getting stuck during bootup after GearLock is installed.

  • Add LineageOS support. ( Reported by @dabombUSA )

  • Resolve secondary ramdisk patching error in RemixOS ( Reported by @dabombUSA )

  • Fix the issue where old GearLock does not get deactivated on DarkMatter Exo4.4 as reported by a number of DM users.

  • Fix grub and rEFInd boot-flags not being detected ( Reported by @Rocky Balboa )

  • Double verify to ensure there is no beeping sound on metro interface. ( Reported by @Sc0rPi )

  • Fix NTFS supercharging issue where system image becomes 40GB instead of 4GB. ( Reported by @SScattered )

  • Introducing GearHost to developers, it lets you reroute static ip's with ease. (Developer reference)

  • New geco extension for developers: gecprog. Can be used to print progress bar during any running job. (Developer reference)

  • Now GearProp can handle multiple files and variables at the same time.

  • Improvements in gkillapp, more stability in recovery-mode.

  • Many improvements in gearlock-installer, more success rate and better error handling.

How to update ?
Do the same thing which you used for installing the old version. I mean you don't need to care about it. Just install over anything and it's done.
  • Fix NTFS mounting error when device is already using it for GearLock-Installer. (Reported by @clinging )
  • Fix check_compat errors and improve gkillapp. (For developers)
  • Resolve unexpected maximize warning for some users when GearLock is being run on terminal instead of App. (Reported by @tamu )
  • Workaround unexpected beep-sound when first tty is hanged up by android init. (Reported by @shiv & @Sc0rPi )
  • Improve Partition-Mounter. (Extra Misc.)
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I've made some tiny changes and reuploaded for people who are using really old 32bit android-x86.
It should resolve the following issues
  • Error during installation
  • Errors in PackageManager