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Check your card again, or give me geardump or log so I can know what happen

I have this card on my laptop and tested before
Dude i never post but i love this OS.. it works phenomonal!! any update or v2 coming soon?
some time freeze in my pc

CPU :- intel pentium g2020
RAM :- 2gb
I can't find option to change gaming protocol in the latest version. where is it???
can anyone tell me how to change the gearlock terminal background like the screenshots given in this thread?
My PC specs
Core i5 4590 @3.3 ghz 4 cores 4 threads
256 gb ssd
Nvidia 1050ti 4gb
12 gb Ram
1280x1024 @75 Hz

I installed this extenion in Darkmatter 4.6 (kernel default 4.14 and mesa 20.3.5) 90 fps unlocked in PubgM smooth+90fps but GL tool fps counter still shows me 60 locked fps. how can i get 90 fps