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Mesa 20.0 gives best performance for me in PUBGM. I use kernel 4.19.7 .
My laptop specs:-
Intel core i5
8th gen
4gb ram
My android os:-
Thanos Ultimate OS V6
we need an update
I cant get the UHD cursor and I cant find the Boot Animation Option.Plz Help.
HUD cursor is named as evolution.
Boot animations were removed in new version to make it lightweight, but you can download old version to get them
I have following Specs Desktop system
Core i5 4590 @3.3ghz 4 cores
Nvidia Gtx 1050ti 4gb
256gb ssd
12gb ram
i installed Darkmatter 4.6 and play only Pubg mobile in it i have access to following kernels: 4.14, 4.13v2, and 4.19 with mesa 17.1.0(stock)
The problem is my game sometimes get stuck for 0.3-0.6 seconds and gets killed during this freeze problem. Is there any way using this toolkit so that i do not face such freezing thing again
when release 4.7 version
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It works, but as it changed my cursor, it removed the ability to resize windows on Phoenix OS darkmatter. I then tried to restore the backup I had made earlier within the extension. Now my cursor style is back to exo 4.7, but still lost the feauture to resize any apps/windows. Please advice me on how to revert back to the original cursor
Use install from iso option of gearlock > extra misc functions. it will restore back whole /system from the iso, your data is not lost, let me know if it worked in Discussion section, thanks