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I love darkmatter series but on beta-2 my WiFi is not working but it is working on beta-1
Please help me what to do now?
pls axon release the android x86_64bit bug fix update as soon as possible
Finally we can have Bliss OS DarkMatter

But can you do the same thing with octopus ?

Or perhaps make a panda mouse apk to Install 'without' Gearlock on rooted phones. (Not PC
It working fine in abstergo os 2.0 lite and it has some bugs when I press mouse middle button or forward button the screen grt stucked and cannot able to rotate screen and the sensitivity is too high (I am using it for free fire only) I believe that the next update will fix these bugs ❤
The Windows installer is stuck in "system.sfs" it never finishis installing (Windows 10 20h2)
Try again or install thru PEN-DRIVE
After installation, can't boot to DM.
Error : CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "getprop": library "" not found

Please help

PS: I'm using EXO 4.7 BETA-2
Can you help me i installed the os it reaches loading assets does some other thing then reboots my pc i do all the thing again then it stuck on loading assets can you help me
I installed it on phoenix os it works fine but I can't change keymapping plz fix this issue.