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is there how to use any OCTOPUS PRO?
You better stop these type of useless os's OK, because my time lot
Everything crash in this os nothing works properly
Everything is crash crash crash crash
The worst os ever I see
v5.10.32 - Bootloop...
v5.10.56 - Kernel panic, system unable to boot! (Not able to undo via recovery!
v5.10.58 - Not completing due to Read only file-system.
When dark matter 4.8 releasing.....plz
hola a mi al descomprimir me dice data error
Al extraerlo, primero debes abrirlo con 7z (No uses winrar) y luego extraerlo desde el interior.
I'll be honest, made an account just to download it. But it really surprised me! Intuitive UI, easy to navigate, and bonus points for it being portable.
how can i install this?
You can use yumi to install via pendrive
or you can install grub2win and add it.
beautiful os. enjoying very much.
Thanks, although there is still a lot to improve.
Someone Help me pls
When I start my pc then I saw up it say you have some error and some smoke flew up it And I have bought pc at this week
everything was broken in my pc it cost 10,000$
Please help me I don't want to spoil my money
Go to some computer service center. You're at the wrong place and this is totally unrelated with DarkMatter.