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It works incredible, it is an amazing project.
thx bro
Best POS MOD ever~
These days most phones come with kernel 4.9, 4.14, 4.19
All hardware working fine, I love the 5.10 kernel, Its very very fast on Bliss OS, the browser is faster than Windows, Can play games at max settings without discrete GPU, I only have an integrated GPU (Intel® UHD Graphics 620), Wifi didnt work in dm 4.7 but worked in dm 4.6, But after installing this kernel its working perfectly, I think because the drivers were updated in the kernel my wifi random disconnect issue got fixed.
Please make a guide on how to compile kernel and mesa for us
There are many apps on the play sotre that let you install xapk but they have ads, but this is free and faster
Suggestion- add progress bar when installing xapk with pv and dialog just like in gearlock data backup/restore
Thanks for your review and I'll try to add the feature if possible.
hello,greatwork but if you could turn off the pointer acceleration that would have been best. I think most of the prime os user are looking for that
it was last update bocz i don't have time
Ayuda lo actualize a la hora de reiniciar no aparecio nada lo descargue e instale nuevamente y tampoco nada
Another good one from you guys!
I tested it on PrimeOs, and while it works (as in running fine), it does have some hiccups.
With the mouse control, it somehow hijack the mouse signal from system, and creating its own cursor, leaving the system cursor unmoving. (probably done by the app itself.) Since the system cursor cannot be used while Panda Pro is running, users won't be able to click on Panda Icon to change some settings ( key mapping, etc), but that problem can be solved by using the internal trackpad of laptop. The Panda Pro cursor is also glitchy ( tested on a MOBA game) where pointing the cursor and clicking on any part of screen will only click on a certain part of it (like corner screen; again can be solved with internal trackpad).
All in all, it's not a bad start. So keep up the good work guys!