Panda Mouse Pro Support Layer for Android-x86

GearLock-Extension Panda Mouse Pro Support Layer for Android-x86 v1.5 (Discontinued)

Compatible With
GearLock 7.0+

This project has been discontinued and will no longer be supported


This is a simple gearlock extension which let's you run panda-mouse-pro on android-x86 flawlessly.
If you don't know what is this then know that it's a keymapper like PhoenixOS GameHelper.
Right now it's in BETA stage and there are some limitations as of now.

Video from @AngusX

Supported Distros

Currently it only supports android-7 (nougat) distros. [Both x86 and x86_64]
I might be able to bring support for higher android versions as well in the future
  • Android-x86 (Nougat)
  • PrimeOS (Nougat)
  • PhoenixOS (Nougat)
  • It will only work with external mouse, it won't detect internal mouse as of now.
  • For any bug reports please use DISCUSSIONS tab.
  • Special thanks to @erikads898 for a tip.
  • Thanks to @İlhan for helping with internal keyboard detection.
  • Thanks to @leymoy for latest leaked panda-mouse.
  • It does not use virtual environment alike Octopus(Play store one).
How to install/uninstall
  • Simply install the .gxp thru GearLock
  • Or if you need to uninstall then that's also from the same place.
Known Bugs

  • Vertical Mouse sensitivity is low compare to horizontal.
  • D-Pad movement seems faster than normal.
  • Auto keymapping is not available for some games.

Support the original developers

I'm not the developer of "Panda Mouse Pro" and since it's paid app which you guys are getting for free.
So support the original developer by buying the app from them.
First release
Last update
4.40 star(s) 25 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Project Discontinued

    So this project is being discontinued and the reason being that is, panda-mouse is not a...
  2. v1.5 bugfix released

    Bugfix internal keyboard won't work (re-patch)
  3. v1.4 bugfix released

    Changelogs Now your internal laptop keyboard will be detected and is usable! (Credits to @İlhan...

Latest reviews

That is good to hear new keymapping is on a way.!!!
Another good one from you guys!
I tested it on PrimeOs, and while it works (as in running fine), it does have some hiccups.
With the mouse control, it somehow hijack the mouse signal from system, and creating its own cursor, leaving the system cursor unmoving. (probably done by the app itself.) Since the system cursor cannot be used while Panda Pro is running, users won't be able to click on Panda Icon to change some settings ( key mapping, etc), but that problem can be solved by using the internal trackpad of laptop. The Panda Pro cursor is also glitchy ( tested on a MOBA game) where pointing the cursor and clicking on any part of screen will only click on a certain part of it (like corner screen; again can be solved with internal trackpad).
All in all, it's not a bad start. So keep up the good work guys!
Sensitivity increase automatically
stops aim moving when you make quick taps
You cannot move until you show the mouse and hide it again
This keymaper is very amazing but in my darkmatter 4.7
After installing pand keymapper all applications are crashing including pubg continuously please fix this
I lover this key mapper
Keep Inspiring Whole PPl😍
Prime OS didn't work for me, I can't access your settings to map the games... Any suggestion?/
of course no dot for the key mapper we can also use that in any OS that's why its OP :*
Amazing Keymapper..
Great work 👏