Panda Mouse Pro Support Layer for Android-x86

GearLock-Extension Panda Mouse Pro Support Layer for Android-x86 v1.5 (Discontinued)

Keep Inspiring Whole PPl😍
Prime OS didn't work for me, I can't access your settings to map the games... Any suggestion?/
of course no dot for the key mapper we can also use that in any OS that's why its OP :*
Amazing Keymapper..
Great work 👏
Still not working for my laptop hp eletebook 8460p
I am using Darkmatter 4.7 beta2 with kenal 4.19.7...
Any fix
Also i am unable to update gearlock as gearlock saying updated but for 7.1.1 update i have done manual installation...
Pls update to 1.4 version.. Its is the best update ever.. So please do it.. I ll remain ever grateful to you
pls axon release the android x86_64bit bug fix update as soon as possible
Finally we can have Bliss OS DarkMatter

But can you do the same thing with octopus ?

Or perhaps make a panda mouse apk to Install 'without' Gearlock on rooted phones. (Not PC
It working fine in abstergo os 2.0 lite and it has some bugs when I press mouse middle button or forward button the screen grt stucked and cannot able to rotate screen and the sensitivity is too high (I am using it for free fire only) I believe that the next update will fix these bugs ❤