Panda Mouse Pro Support Layer for Android-x86

GearLock-Extension Panda Mouse Pro Support Layer for Android-x86 v1.5 (Discontinued)

So this project is being discontinued and the reason being that is, panda-mouse is not a free-software and it was basically a mistake to even work over it. Instead, now you can hope for a new keymapper which will be free and safe to share soon enough in a new resource post.

Note that this was a very personal decision.
  • internal keyboard won't work (re-patch)
  • Now your internal laptop keyboard will be detected and is usable! (Credits to @İlhan )
  • Set GearLock min-compat version to 7.1.1
  • The bug of GearLock be removing "lib64" directory is now resolved.
  • Bugfix in
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  • Fixed bugs with not loading after first installation from gearlock and tiny improvements.
  • Using an updated version of panda-mouse-pro leaked by leymoy.
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