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Distro PhoenixOS DarkMatter - Supercharged for Everyone Exo4.7 (BETA-2)

DM 4.7 EXO4.7 can't recognise (or initialize) my keyboard. My Keyboard is a Microsoft Surface Type Cover (docked through the Type Cover Dock on Surface Pro 6). Because of that I can't push any button on the config screen (where you choose Gapps and stuff like that), so I'm stucking there.

I have no problems on original Phoenix OS, Thunder OS and ROC. Only on DM. I hope you can fix that :)
As you said: ""I have no problems on original Phoenix OS, Thunder OS and ROC. Only on DM. I hope you can fix that :)""

Well, neither of them got anything like our config-screen on first boot, so you shouldn't have any such problem on those mods anyway, lol.

Another user had a similar issue in *early-boot with the surface keyboard, you can try the following:

• Only if you installed DarkMatter thru our **windows-installer** on a **EXT4 partition** then open `ExtFS By SupremeGamers` from **Desktop** and click on `Restart Service` to mount your EXT4 partitions.

• Now open **Windows Explorer** and go to "X: DarkMatter partition/DarkMatter-Exo4.7".

• Download this file :point_right:

• Place this "dminit.config" file there. (The place where other files like "initrd.img", "ramdisk.img" remains)

> **Protip:** Open this file with `Notepad++` to modify the default config options if you like.
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uso el phoenix os original, tengo que probar este
Good OS. I really like it. But I don't know why when I attempt to update gearlock to 7.0, it will stuck on bootanimation and just won't boot anymore. I'm really new to this so what should I do?
I love darkmatter series but on beta-2 my WiFi is not working but it is working on beta-1
Please help me what to do now?
The Windows installer is stuck in "system.sfs" it never finishis installing (Windows 10 20h2)
Try again or install thru PEN-DRIVE
Can you help me i installed the os it reaches loading assets does some other thing then reboots my pc i do all the thing again then it stuck on loading assets can you help me
Color cursor mouse very dark i cant see
You can get different kind of cursor. Follow the link below to know more.
After the first installation, it runs normally, and then it just stuck on logo after reboot, so that I'll have to format then reinstall the whole thing from scratch every time. Don't know why this happen. Used the latest 4.7 release ISO, installed on a ThinkPad X230. Looking for a fix for this.