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Distro PhoenixOS DarkMatter - Supercharged for Everyone Exo4.7 (BETA-2)

i installed pos dm again recently and i can't login to my google account because play service keep crashing. Back when i tried it first time everything is fine. Same file, same device, from first time install
good job
Stucked at Initializing DarkMatter.
When I looked at the logcat, there was an error that says DeadSystemException.
You did something wrong probably, follow the official installation tutorial properly.
please help ! broad band connection not working in this version
Installed 4.7, touchpad didn't work. I couldn't install any packages because I had to update Gearlock first. Update gearlock, and now it won't boot anymore
Your partition is probably corrupted by Windows. Boot with 2nd grub option of DarkMatter.
When I tried to open PUBG Mobile KR 1.2 it crashes and shows PUBG Mobile keeps stopping. Please fix this, earlier it is working but I accidentally uninstalled LawnChair Launcher and after restart, the os was stuck on the loading screen so Reinstalled Dark matter and then PUBG Mobile KR 1.2 keeps stopping. I tried to reinstall it many times but didn't work and also tried gearlock fix also.
DM 4.7 EXO4.7 can't recognise (or initialize) my keyboard. My Keyboard is a Microsoft Surface Type Cover (docked through the Type Cover Dock on Surface Pro 6). Because of that I can't push any button on the config screen (where you choose Gapps and stuff like that), so I'm stucking there.

I have no problems on original Phoenix OS, Thunder OS and ROC. Only on DM. I hope you can fix that :)
As you said: ""I have no problems on original Phoenix OS, Thunder OS and ROC. Only on DM. I hope you can fix that :)""

Well, neither of them got anything like our config-screen on first boot, so you shouldn't have any such problem on those mods anyway, lol.

Another user had a similar issue in *early-boot with the surface keyboard, you can try the following:

• Only if you installed DarkMatter thru our **windows-installer** on a **EXT4 partition** then open `ExtFS By SupremeGamers` from **Desktop** and click on `Restart Service` to mount your EXT4 partitions.

• Now open **Windows Explorer** and go to "X: DarkMatter partition/DarkMatter-Exo4.7".

• Download this file :point_right:

• Place this "dminit.config" file there. (The place where other files like "initrd.img", "ramdisk.img" remains)

> **Protip:** Open this file with `Notepad++` to modify the default config options if you like.
COD Mobile Crashed after showing Activision Logo...