Distro PrimeOS-BlackEngine v04_2nd-iso

Compatible With
Prime OS
If you don't know other Prime OS Black Engine 0.4 wallpapers are available in internal memory.
Does gearlock work in this OS ?
The answer : Yes it works, but not completely.
What is meant by not completely ?
The answer : Gearlock only functions as a recovery so that when you enter the OS, Gearlock will not be able to run.
Is there anything to lose in this case?
The answer : Of course there is. it's a gearlock that can't connect to the internet because it can only be used in recovery mode.
Perform Super Charge in recovery mode manually before entering the OS.

When extracting it, you must first open it with 7z ( Don't use winrar ) and then extract it from the inside.

This os requirement
minimum requirements
  • no gapps
  • 1.5GB RAM
  • ro.config.low_ram=true in build.prop

Recommend requirements
  • 4GB RAM
  • none or with gapps

Read the update log for the latest update version information.

Version 01
  • Kernel 4.9.21 from phoenixBR
  • Using magisk.
  • Remove Bluetooth permanently.
  • Remove GMS ( Google play service and Play Store ). < Recoverable but for now deleted.
  • Add Aurora Store and service.
  • The default YouTube has been replaced with vanced no root so you can still login.
  • Can easily change Houdini / Arm translation with command. command : arm-sw
  • Can easily change Mesa by command. command : mesa-sw
  • Just for speaker adjust. command : alsa
  • Mount all storage ( not permanent because the risk of damage is too high ). command : mt
  • default swap 512mb
Available Mesas:

For mesa 21 for my hardware it doesn't seem possible so it just appears a black screen.

Default swap:

option 1:
- maka lakukan alt+f1
busybox find -L /system/priv-app/* -type l -delete
ln -s /system/sysmore/priv-app/* /system/gmsop #jika tidak bisa gunakan busybox di depannya.
ln -s /system/gmsop/* /system/priv-app
echo "exist" > /data/tbm-set/
- lalu rb-sw > hot reboot.
option 2:
- Flash gapps with install zip (may work).
The theme is applied after a hot reboot but to apply the cursor requires a full reboot.




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Latest updates

  1. Magisk ramdisk

    The code to find the location of the ramdisk is a combination of simple code df data and cat...
  2. Small update.

    Remove Houdini POSBR assets ( change with Houdini asset from Arm switch ) Patch Ramdisk Editor.
  3. Patch Ramdisk Editor And Kernel 5.10.58

    Patch There is a problem finding the location of the ramdisk because it mounts bind data to...

Latest reviews

Can we play pubg mobile lite on it give me any solution please
everything is best but needed with kernel 5.10.58 please
wait I want to try another way to install the kernel.
I would like to go back to the default PrimeOS Launcher this transparency bothers, it overlaps when there are several open applications, it hinders the view, how can I go back to the default primeos??
If you want to restore the display on Prime OS start menu, you just need to remove launcher3 in priv app and replace it with downloaded version then reboot with terminal.
I cant install.. after selecting the iso in yumi efi...its not going for the installation process....just the iso select screen is coming again and again..
Try recording with your phone to make it clear what the problem is.
hola a mi al descomprimir me dice data error
Al extraerlo, primero debes abrirlo con 7z (No uses winrar) y luego extraerlo desde el interior.
how can i install this?
You can use yumi to install via pendrive
or you can install grub2win and add it.
beautiful os. enjoying very much.
Thanks, although there is still a lot to improve.
i dont like how you removed bluetooth
for the first version removed, but for the second version returned again. try reading the update log for the version 2 update.
I don't understand, if you guys didn't add the option of turning the mouse acceleration off, what does your new update come up with exactly?
on prime os mouse acceleration cannot be turned off because it will interfere with the sensitivity of the x-axis and y-axis of the mouse if you ask why phoenix os can turn off mouse acceleration? The answer is because of the development intent and the number of developers, because Phoenix OS is a company that develops technology.
I still haven't decided on the next update. but I guess it will focus more on the command shell.