GearLock-Extension ToolKit 2.0

I hope to check it out once I boot into android-x86 again, lol.
A good quickstart package and easier to debug system
Hi everyone,
Well I don't have good internet facilities to download such a huge creation, it's a big 240mb, I wish he uploaded on google drive instead of MediaFire, maybe he will manage to make it smaller in a next release. Therefore I will review the person instead of his creation for now.
There are is no loss in trying this amazing ToolkiT made by our dear friend Lightning.
He has been spending countless days making this.
Lightning started the development on the 22nd of January, and yet he hasn't finished, there's more to come.
Since this is his first time making a bash script/resource it has been really hard for him.
I'm his friend, I think only I understand how much effort he has put into it.
Currently it's a tool with command line interface, Lightning and me have agreed to make gui for this extension in the future, I'll make gui for this if he allow me.
Lightning also helped in making my extension by giving me four cursors. If you guys wonder who is lightning, he isn't active much here but he is a well known and popular guy in our discord server, he has sent over 10k messages in our discord server, he is constantly helping newbies there.
There are two lightning in the discord server, the most active one is the correct lightning who is the developer of this Toolkit.