GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86

GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86 7.0

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Compatible With
Any Android-x86
GearLock is a command line program to help you customize & install custom software in your android-x86 OS. It has the capability of running in both GUI and TERMINAL with a early-recovery mode. GearLock has been a part of DarkMatter project until now, but I decided to make it universal for any android-x86 OS :)

Feature List
  • Install any custom kernel / mesa or pretty much anything. There are also tons of other extension & packages available in our RESOURCES section for you to install with a powerful package-manager.

  • Install flashable zip files. (BETA)

  • Use RECOVERY-MODE even before your android starts.
    + MidNight Commander FileManager integration in recovery mode.
    + Repair corrupted EXT partitions before booting up the OS.

  • Decompress / extend the size of your system image

  • Backup & restore your whole data

  • Mesa Version faker

  • Change CPU governor & frequency

  • Change MAC Address

  • Update google apps directly from a opengapps package

  • Install latest/custom magisk version directly from github source by patching the ramdisk. (on-device)

  • GoogleLess Mode feature

  • Unity Game Engine Crash Fix

  • Resolve the issue for magisk installation, in which magisk makes the tty unusable

  • SU-Handler for switching between SuperSU & MagiskSU

  • Introducing GearProp, which can force overwrite any system property.

  • Purge / remove extra kernel modules from your system

  • MultiLang support with UTF8. (EN, VN, CN, ES)

  • Record screen with audio without any app. (Directly from gearlock with internal audio support)

  • Very developer friendly with tons of easy to use tools

  • Disable / Enable Laptop touchpad or keyboard

  • Extensible by installing custom extensions

Supported android-x86 OS List
  1. Official Android-x86
  2. Official PhoenixOS & DarkMatter
  3. Official PrimeOS
  4. Official BlissOS
  5. Official RemixOS
  6. LineageOS x86


You can control the behavior of GearLock early recovery screen with boot-flags.
There are three kinds of flags you can use
This helps you bypass the recovery countdown screen. You can either put NORECOVERY=0 in your grub-config or make a file named norecovery in your android-x86 partition​
Grub config example:​
linux /kernel quiet NORECOVERY=0
This lets you to auto-enter recovery mode always* without having to press ESC.​
Just like NORECOVERY, you can active this by grub (ALWAYSRECOVERY=0) or by making a file named alwaysrecovery in android-x86 partition​
This will auto-fix extFS on each boot from the option which you find in recovery mode.​
Grub> FIXFS=0​
File-Flag> fixfs
When this flag is found, GearLock does not attempt to get the best possible visuals during RECOVERY-MODE. There are some really rare cases among some users in which when GearLock tries to ensure better visuals, kernel panic happens during boot.​
Grub> NOGFX=0​
File-Flag> nogfx​

Developer Documentation

In simple words, GearLock brings a whole range of pure linux utilities. Which includes bash, python, coreutils, nano and more ! (Runs system independently, meaning even if you delete the whole system these are still executable)

Not only that, let me introduce you to GearLock-Dev-Kit. GDK is the thing which you can use for building such package/extension. There is also a ready-to-use kernel package-template alongside custom-core package for making extensions and so on.

For full insights check the developer documentation

If you want to build GearLock with android-x86 then refer to the link below

How to install

[ Video Guide ]

[ Quick Guide ]

It's simple as cake to install GearLock. All you just need is a working brain and some attention.
Note: Root-Access is required and if you use NTFS then windows-hybernation should be disabled.

Steps >
  1. Download the installer by clicking on the green Download button on the top.
  2. Copy it to your Internal-Storage / Main-Storage using a file-manager.
  3. Press Alt + F1 / fn + Alt + F1.
  4. Type the following commands one by one and press enter at each line
    cp /sdcard/gearlock /data
    cd /data
    chmod 777 gearlock
  5. Once you run the commands, it will start the installer and ask you to select your android-x86 OS partition.
  6. You select it and your installation is done :)

How it looks and works like

These previews can be really old from what it's like in the latest version

In early boot (Recovery Mode)

Metro Interface (Live system GUI)

Metro Package Manager

Classic interface

Status page

Flashable ZIP Compatibility

If you want my honest word then you should know that about 99% of the available flashable zips out there will likely fail since they were never made for android-x86 and GearLock has nothing to do about that. In which most of them are flashable-roms which you obviously won't be installing on android-x86. Currently I've had success with OpenGapps and a few other zips. Other than that will surely fail unless the developer itself implements android-x86 support.

Thanks to

First of all I'd like to thank everyone in our community because without you guys I wouldn't be able to do such stuffs. It's been a pleasure to be a part of this community. Thank you.

Special thanks to @HMTheBoy154 & @Night & @mido.fayad for bringing some awesome GearLock package & extensions alongside helping the community in various issues in their free time. They played a big role in this community :) They've been always there in the time of need.

Thanks to the beta testers : @AngusX , @dabombUSA , @Fazeel.abbas2 , @P.B | D.B , @Kenny
Thanks to everyone involved into the Android-x86 Project, because without it GearLock wouldn't exist...

Some last words from me

I never thought I'd be able to do such stuffs before, it's been an honor. More importantly, I really wanna thank android-x86. Because of it I could also learn a lot, yes and that includes some funny people also :ROFLMAO:
It hasn't been easy to keep up till here. Required a lot of patience and hard work to make it here.

If you found this project helpful to you then Click here To > Support this Project without donating :)
Also don't forget to submit your review if you can :)

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  3. GearLock 6.8.8 Released

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Latest reviews

Plz fix the bug unable to supercharge system image in 6.8.8 in NTFS partition and also unable to install magisk because no host associate issue ... I tried old version to supercharge my NTFS partition image and also plz fix issue in grub code it doesn't show all processor frequencies in performance tweaker i changed the grub code then applied the full frequencies through gearlock..
I tried to install 3 time in NTFS and 5 times in EXT4 but the issues were same so i resolved them myself so plz fix these issue specially supercharge and magisk install error...
Thanks ☺👍
Overall excellent work by team Dark matter
It actually already supercharged your OS but only in the user-interface you will get that false-positive message on 6.8.8 (I forgot to update a size in UI)
Should be fixed in next update.

And about magisk, I'll be coming along with a different approach to workaround some other pre-existing magisk issues persisting over android-86 aprart from the *gearlock magisk installation bug you told about.
Thanks for app
AXON is Grateful for your work, now I can play games on Remix os 64bit(I really like it, its stability).And my old computer on 775 socket SSE 4.1, now thanks to you, it is not useless for Android at all.From January 2019 could not start Standoff 2,now it works,I can not but rejoice.
My first comment so I'm not sure how things work here, anyways how can i update Gearlock in POS Dark Matter?
Simple, just follow the same GearLock installation process.
enabling unity app crash fix causes unity apps to e uninstalled and cant install them again. How to fix?
Sometimes that is caused because of preexisting /data, so for some android version if you want to use that fix then its preferred that you apply it right after a clean installation. Now if you want to revert back, then simply use the same function and you should be able to disable it from there.
Outstanding creation. Nothing is impossible proven. The ability to change bitrate would be xtremely nice! I know its coming in darkmatter 4.7
The king of all android x86 os, if phoenix did not lag and was a fluid os like prime os.
its not their fault. Just the keymapper is good yet no android-x86 has keymapper which emulates accelerometer like gaming emulators. This is possible with tincore if we fix it. Gearlock is like icing on top of the cake! backing up data is the best function.
Thanks. Well I believe you will have to think again about fluidity once you try Exo4.7 😀
6.7.3 link is broken? when i open the gearlock txt shows me a code of a page html
Download with a different browser.