GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86

GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86 7.0

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  • Bugfix in OhMyRam. (Thanks to @TripleK2004 for helping in debugging)
  • Now gearlock-cli supports passing command line arguments to target program.
  • Improvements in gsudo, now it won't mix up complex arguments.
  • Now installiso accepts external input.
  • Fix some missing symlinks caused in last update.
As usual you should be able to receive OTA update of 7.0 directly from GearLock.
I don't hope to work on another update any sooner, not at least on this year anymore.
Please just be a bugless update this time 😂
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  • New feature: Install or Update Operating-System from ISO {Extra misc}. ( #feature-request by @Electrikjesus )
  • New feature: Oh My Ram - Use RAM as /data for faster r/w speeds {Game / Sys Tweaks}. ( #feature-request by @TripleK2004 )
  • Fix false-positive of SuperCharge needed message in gearlock-Ui. (Reported by @Electrikjesus and others)
  • More bugfix in native gxpm kernel and mesa scripts.
  • Bugfix in magisk-installer, now there shouldn't be any issues on fetching latest release as of now.
  • Rearrange and properly categorize some menu elements.
  • Improvements in MetroUi theme regarding file-selection and other window sizes for some certain things.
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  • Improvements in gxpm/mesa-native.

  • Fix syntax error of CPU Governor & Frequency changer. ( Reported by @code404 )
  • Fix syntax error of Auto OpenGapps Updater.
  • Fix unexpected syntax error in mesa-native/job ( Reported by @prazal.soti1 )
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