GearLock - Extend the limits of Android-x86

GearLock - Extend the limits of Android-x86 6.1.2

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  • Fix NTFS mounting error when device is already using it for GearLock-Installer. (Reported by @clinging )
  • Fix check_compat errors and improve gkillapp. (For developers)
  • Resolve unexpected maximize warning for some users when GearLock is being run on terminal instead of App. (Reported by @tamu )
  • Workaround unexpected beep-sound when first tty is hanged up by android init. (Reported by @shiv & @Sc0rPi )
  • Improve Partition-Mounter. (Extra Misc.)
I've made some tiny changes and reuploaded for people who are using really old 32bit android-x86.
It should resolve the following issues
  • Error during installation
  • Errors in PackageManager
Notice: If you're already having a bunch of kernel-packages downloaded before this update, then you must re-download them since those won't be able to properly update kernel unless you're using DarkMatter. (All the kernel-pkgs have been rebuild & re-uploaded)

How to update ?
Do the same thing which you used for installing the old version. I mean you don't need to care about it. Just install over anything and it's done.

This update is mainly focused in stability and as much bug-fixes as possible.
Alright, here goes the changelog ...
  • New feature: Change CPU Frequency from GearLock.

  • New feature: Enable/Disable Laptop TrackPad.

  • GearBoot now supports init stage. (Developer Reference)

  • Now you can write gearboot.log for you specified boot-executable. (Developer Reference)

  • Now you can control the behavior of GearLock recovery screen with boot-flags. (Check main post to know more)

  • findme file is no longer required for GearLock

  • Optimized Python libraries.

  • Encryption level has been lowered for reducing delay (Honestly, I don't like to encrypt stuffs but, some fools *exist, and you know why 🙃 )

  • New feature: Now you can manually select your pkg/extension from anywhere to install from package-manager. (Copying them into gearload folder is no longer required, but don't worry, it's still there)

  • Fixed selection bugs in Classic Interface Package+Extension manager.

  • Fixed unknown option error when MagiskSU is present. (Reported by @dehxazu @[PAN!C]BlazeNBurn & @ABEHLA22 )

  • Many improvements over metro interface, package manager and other programs.

  • Fix installation error in PrimeOS-Classic & DarkMatter 4.4 as reported by @AngusX , @Darshan & @hr

  • Add PhoenixBR support in the installer.

  • Bugfix and improvements in gearlock-installer.

  • Resolve selinux warning during installation as reported by @clinging

  • You no longer need to manually specify instance when multiple android-x86 is installed on the same partition

  • You can now press ALT+F8 to get the secondary command-termnal when ALT+F1 can't take inputs due to hangup in some cases.

  • Optimizations in GearLock-Core and other sub-elements within gearlock.

  • Fix GearLock app-crash on some occasions.

  • Improvements in data-backup & trackpad disabling option

  • Workaround internal issues when the system is depended on EFI partition as reported by @DEVO

  • Build some new programs and implemented new busybox applets

  • Fix crash on NTFS supercharging.

  • Fix package-manager crash as reported by @AngusX

  • Reduced gearlock bootimage and installer size.

  • Many improvements over Recovery Mode, resolved uncertain issues and hangups in there.

  • Magisk Extended section has been removed since it don't seem much valuable, only Magisk-Installer/Updater option has been kept and moved into Extra Misc. section.
New stuffs for you to try out with GearLock6.1 >_>
Actual Developers involved with android-x86 development are welcome to include & customize GearLock in their own Android-x86 OS :)
This update includes tons of bugfix, improvements & new features of-course!

I'm kind of tired of typing right now, so I'll try to wrap up the changelog quickly 😅

  • New RECOVERY-Mode
  • New Interface theme
  • Lot of bugfixes and improvements
  • Improvements in gearlock package manager & extension runner
  • Improvements in gearboot & gearprop
  • New mac-changer feature
  • New System Image extender feature
  • New Governor changer
  • Fixed resolution changer bug
  • Now you can repair Ext4 partition from Recovery menu
  • Now NTFS partitions will be supercharged by extending the system.img size
  • Bugfix in magisk-installer & su-handler
  • Update GDK
  • Build python, figlet, file, pv, tree, man command line utils.
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