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It is asking to enable supercharge... When I follow the steps it shows some commands running (extending to 4gb....) then restarts. After restarting it again asks for supercharge... please help. I am using Phoenix OS(Not Darkmatter)
This extension will patch recently host or it replace existing host ?
Because i'm using host file for unlock some blocked sites from my country
This will add the hosts block to your hosts file and It will create a backup before Applying. If you don't want your fav sites to be blocked. Add them to whitelist and apply hosts block. Once you restore the host using the extension. It will restore the backup that took before applying. For Further questions. Use *Discussion Tab above.
@Woltrex Official Legal actions are taken By loltrex team official for fake reviews
AWESOME! I live in a 3rd. world country, I wish I could donate to projects like this. The only thing I don't like is adding the boot sound. That decision belongs to the user. But for the rest: excellent!
You can easily disable the boot sound from `Main-Menu > More > Boot-Sound`
Version 3.1. Its work well on dark matter 4.6 kernel 4.13.xx and mesa 19. Im using cpu intel core i3 and intel hd 4400
Thanks for the review
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