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AXON is Grateful for your work, now I can play games on Remix os 64bit(I really like it, its stability).And my old computer on 775 socket SSE 4.1, now thanks to you, it is not useless for Android at all.From January 2019 could not start Standoff 2,now it works,I can not but rejoice.
good ,i got stuck with few seconds in pubg starting logo with [ondemand governor ]
First of all thank you for your time and effort you put in dark matter.

I have a laptop so using an external mouse for gaming. And when i start a match in pubg or COD the mouse is stuck and i have to click scroll button to fix it. I have also faced this in 4.6. so kindly fix this.
How's the day Boss. ?
This is just a feedback for BETA 4.7
Yesterday, clean installed this Version of pheonix and after playing 3 matches of PUBG MOBILE i gave up. Because on V 4.6 Pubg is giving me 60FPS and normal lag. but in this i only get 30 or 40 fps and first 3 or 4 minutes MAP does not render. E. G i see Chracters moving and loot but no buildings, walls and tree just a plan Surface.
I hope the final version will be like this one v 4.6.
Thanks for your feedback, its more likely due to some changes we made (specially kernel & mesa), I'll need more time to debug this issue.
After installing at 1st boot it stucks. It stucks when it comes to DARK MATTER SG_ _ can u solve the problem and make a video to fix it?
I'm facing some beep sound. whenever i press "tab, wasd, arrow keys" a terrible beep sounds are coming from there.
Boot sound like jet during midnight, can't be disabled by any means
Keyboard got stuck and can't press anything
GearLock > More > Settings > BootSound.......
I'm install 4.7 using VMWare after finish install and Reboot its just stuck at fist boot after Darkmatter# or some kinda like that