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Do not install the mesa-dri 20.x.x I do the entire installation process until then ok more when I restart to see if it updated to the mesa-dri 20.x.x more continues on 17.x.x ... how do I solve this ...?
all over its excellent but can you add internel audio {recorder} pls pls pls
quando vou instalar o darkMatter a partição ext4 que foi criada não aparece...alguém pode me ajudar?
Bro its good and gives me 60 fps but this mesa have scope lag problem means when i open scope the game become laggy and fps drops to 20 can the gaming protocol fix this please help me
are you using gamma? come in our discord server, we can discuss there
fala galera alguem consegue rodar cyber hunter neste sistema operacional ? O meu abre o game mas na hora de atualizar o game fecha.
Can i add low memory killer kernel feature?
Wait for next version
which one should i choose for dual booting on a i7 intel integrated graph with ubuntu as main? ive tried the official POS but ive read this one is more optimized for gaming so i wanna try Manastrike or hearthstone on this one since i cant in the official one. is it ok exo4.4 update to mesa 20.0 and benares 1.4 for my laptop?
Go for latest kernel & mesa,
Altho, you should experiment yourself to find which one works the best for you ;)
And yeah, you may need to apply "Unity game engine fix" from "gearlock > Game/System Tweak"
Lagging for me bro mine is Intel Pentium quad core processer [email protected] GHz turbo boost and 4gb ram with Intel hd 405 graphics I used dark matter 4.4 with kernel-4.19.97 and Mesa 20 but still lags on smooth graphics with high frame rate and my wifi coverage is less bro mine is laptop plzzzz release kernel 5.4.6 as soon as possible with wifi coverage fixed and lag fixed 👍 please bro comment me
Try reducing the fps configuration.
And for the next version there will be a totally new game-optimization engine which will make your game really smooth without any gfxtool...
So, wait a bit for it...

You should try mesa17.4 (Install on a clean system)
Darkmatter is best for potato pc gamers . I will not say anything but u should try once. Then u will understand what ur potato pc can do. 5 star is not sufficient for this mod.
Can table 19.1 be installed on this system? What benefits do I get with MESA 19.1 or is it not 100% compatible with the system? What is the tutorial to replace MESA?
- Intel (R) Core (TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz
- Intel (R) HD Graphics 4400
- 7.9 GB of RAM
use gearlock to change mesa/kernel
you should try kernel 4.13.. and mesa 19.1 will work fine hopefully
Works perfect. Call of Duty Mobile with VERY HIGH without lagging on my low end laptop (i3 Intel CPU, Inel integrated Graphic, 3Gb RAM). You are superb.
Works flawlessly. Thank you for your efforts and time.
WOW this is the best mesa yet. Thanks Axon and team for some more amazing work. Finally upgraded from 19.1 and this 20.0 is even faster and smoother than it was. All my games are running so good now I can't stop playing them. :-P
Better than expected :) atlast i can uninstall those multiple emulators
There is no mesa 20 on how do you find it?
What do you mean? The latest official stable release was 19.3.3
The actual repository exists in gitlab where all the development branches are available
And mesa 20 is currently marked as a *development branch, it's not officially stable yet.
Thanks HMTheBoys154 work greate!