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Where is the iso file? shown in a YouTube video. it says sign in before downloading. bruhh I am already signed in! Please give a link to the iso file because usually exe installers don't work for me!
Will i be able to run it on my Intel E5700 Dual core cpu.? What are the minimum requirements?
Yes, you can..
the best os ever 60 fps thanks for this good job
How to download, no buttons found。
What do you mean ? It's in the top, man !
When will the Exo4.7 be released? I am still using the Exo4.4 and I am always getting scattered display when typing using external USB keyboard everytime I play Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Will try to use Exo4.6 and see the difference
I could install it perfectly but the wifi doesn't work (because my wifi card is external and probably the os not have the drivers) there is a way to install manually the drivers?
It's surely possible. Post your wifi adapter model in the #support channel over our discord server.
i love this what you do
excellent work by developers....thanks a lot 💞
file corrupted error on exo 4.4. How can i fix THIS
This seems unrelated.
It would be better when you'd backup the system apps which you intend to change upon installation so that anyone can recover them.
A possible way is to do it on or for recovering later on.
bro in new update Bluetooth is not working .....please give me an idea .....and its work good
I didnt get you, can you be clear ?
hello axon
how you build mesa for phoenix
no iso image to download? I need it to install on a gnu / linux distribution (manjaro)
i'm stuck in booting phoenix os darkmatter from grub2win please help
should i try older versions
note : i followed all the steps
Working great with amd, even showing GPU name rx580. Can it be available for 4.4 .glp package, it will be great.
When I enable Magisk I'm unable to connect to any WiFi due to authenticating problem and if I revert back to Super-SU it connect again
System Information:
POS version: Dark Matter 4.6
Mesa version: 20.x
Kernel version: 4.14
Protocol: gamma
CPU: Intel© Core™ i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz × 2and
GPU:Intel HD Graphics 4000
RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz...

When I install the Kernel 4.19.x.x and turn off the wifi it will not turn on unless I restart the OS