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thank you to the developer, finally I was able to play my favorite game, but I am having problems with Google services not functioning properly, please help
how to flash twrp flashable zip?
With Gearlock Package Manager.
Which is option 1.
Select from custom location.
how to uninstall it?
Uninstall from GearLock
How to bypass emulator detected in pubg mobile in phoenix os dark matter exo 4.6
Is latest version is already installed in phoenix os dark matter exo 4.6
no, it will be in 4.7
Kernel 4.13.16 works, but games do not start.
Kernel 4.15.15 - 4.16.12 hang on my hardware
Returned to 4.14.172
the resolution changer works but now the ethernet connection is not working, please suggest any solution.
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