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    Mesa Graphic Rendering file corrupted

    Did you updated gearlock also downloaded latest packed resources?
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    Can't play real racing 3

    Did you enabled "unity engine fix"?
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    Useless Trackpad/Touchpad

    Ok, i am sorry for disturb you 😕.
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    Useless Trackpad/Touchpad

    Hi, I can use my touchpad with 1 finger, (but it is send touch commands so i cannot click ui when gamehelper active) Also i can use multi finger with touchpad, system detects multi fingers as touchs(look the picture). My problem i cant use Right Click, I am tried to switch "trackpad" on/off...
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    Gaming protocols=which arm version?

    Oh, i will try. Thanks you for show me what i am doing wrong.
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    Gaming protocols=which arm version?

    I tried all of them also edited build.prop for armv8 abi. But system not booted, and when ı run logcat command terminal shows (unsupported abi) error lines with any protocol. 1602437756 Also you can download libraries manuelly Example: You know that...
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    Gaming protocols=which arm version?

    All of protocols have armv7 emulation only.
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    Keyboard detected as gamepad I see that problem solved on 4.9 and up kernels.
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    These are ARM Native Bridge Libraries for android-x86 also this protocols have some emulator anti-detects patchs. You can acces this protocols from Gearlock.
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    Help me, How to fix the Arena Of Valor that Has Stopped

    I have one question, why unity engine fix have enable/disable option? Why it is not enabled?
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    GearLock-Extension GhostTether - Fix USB Tethering Issues on Android-x86

    I suggest to you add VirtWifi enable/disable option.
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    Best alternatives to PUBG Mobile

    In emulator mode(gamma protocol) ROS works normally(not detected) In COD protocols(old protocols)(non-emulator mode) ROS detecting emulator and you cant enter game I can say that ROS have fully opposite emulator detection. I not tried on Xen mode.
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    Best alternatives to PUBG Mobile

    I think we can play Cyber Hunter again with new Xen gaming protocol.
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    Chess Rush that Has Stopped

    Most of patches was blocked by Tencent, Actually your patch should not work also on your phone already.
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    OK than, happy birthday to you.

    OK than, happy birthday to you.
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    Can i backup my original mesa? It is here.
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    Help, any way to fix it? game 7 ds grand croos

    Google apps pre installed bro.
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    Help, any way to fix it? game 7 ds grand croos

    As I understand you need to create an google account. And keep google apps enabled.