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  1. keshavroy345

    Can i backup my original mesa?

    Continuesly I'm facing Graphical Glitches in PubgM. although i'm getting50-60fps in game. *but back to the topic* there were no graphical glitches untill i've installed mesa 19 and 20 version. The Game was running Quite well with the mesa 17.1.10(git-4e85d46) SO, now the real question and a...
  2. keshavroy345

    HELP!! I can't Find Gearlock Folder In Fx file Manager

    So, i've Installed Phoeix os Darkmatter's Latest Version in an Ext4 Partition. i was looking something like "how toupdate kernal and mesa" so i found that i need to put the kernal file into the " gearlock File/Folder" But when i Opened my Fx File manger i couldn't find the Gearlock Folder. So...