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  1. Rnez

    Distro PhoenixOS DarkMatter - Supercharged for Everyone

    Hello everyone 🖖 I use POS DarkMatter - Exo4.7 (БЕТА-2) very happy everything works steadily 👍 changed the kernel to Kernel 4.19.x.x to run over LAN connection I want to know about PUBGM maps 🧐 Miramar ❌ Sanhok ❌ Vikendi ❌ do not work as much as possible to correct this problem Do I need to...
  2. Rnez

    Help Install problem

    LaN connection is not working Which kernel i need use? Darkmatter 4.7
  3. Rnez

    Distro PhoenixOS DarkMatter - Supercharged for Everyone

    Which is kernel?
  4. Rnez

    Distro PhoenixOS DarkMatter - Supercharged for Everyone

    problem connecting wi-fi and LAN cable does not work how to fix it ?
  5. Rnez

    Help waiting for hope

    я надеюсь, что все еще жду
  6. Rnez

    Help Hackers are increasing in Third Party Emulators

    hello whats new ?
  7. Rnez

    Croudsource Share Your Experience Games Worked here

    hello guys I have problem with cis (sng) Russia server I am using darkmatter I like this android emulator when I using gameloop and enter with my phone I don’t have this problem only in darkmatter help please problem when I want to game cis (sng) Russia server it coming grom 10 sek but I am wait...
  8. Rnez

    Pubg mobile cannot find games

    Привет, ребята. У меня проблема с сервером cis (sng) Russia. Я использую darkmatter. Мне нравится этот эмулятор Android, когда я использую gameloop и захожу с телефона. У меня нет этой проблемы только в darkmatter. Помогите, пожалуйста, проблема, когда я хочу играть в cis ( sng) Россия сервер...