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    Help COD Mobile is still not working as of now? I want to try again

    How much time could it take? Let me know if you have to info
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    Help Darkmatter exo 4.7 stuck in boot logo

    Dear AXON, please give us an ETA for final version release ( Xen protocol) badly in need of this. Gameloop is much laggy with codm.
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    Distro PhoenixOS DarkMatter - Supercharged for Everyone

    please release the final version with XEN protocol as soon as possible. CODm in gameloop is much laggy
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    Tutorial How to fix Call-Of-Duty-Mobile issues in just 10 seconds on PhoenixOS-DarkMatter!

    Gameloop is getting worse (for COD mobile). Wil DM 4.7 be released in this year?😥
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    Is there any solution now? Please respond