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  1. HMTheBoy154

    Info Comedy

    Saw this on Abstergone server and it's funny af :hehe: :hehe:. But since they are talking about us, let me make this clear : - So far, none of us are homophobic. No one in admin (aka Supremes) came out as homophobic yet so if you don't know what's our sexual orientation yet then please don't...
  2. HMTheBoy154

    No, disable intel_pstate doesn't mean you "unlocked" anything, at least base on the fact

    I think this was something that we all made mistake, adding intel_pstate=disable into grub command-line, seeing it open more CPU Frequencies to choose, and then thinking that it "unlocked" the frequencies. I used to believe the same, until I read more about these I realized that it was not. It's...
  3. HMTheBoy154

    How to save your alsa audio configuration on Android-x86

    I. Introduction Audio problem is one of the most asked question in our Discord server, whether it's mic problem, or some HDMI audio. After digging the whole Internet for some fix (which can even make you bootloop) or alsamixer, you are wondering is there any way that you can save the...
  4. HMTheBoy154

    GearLock-Package Android-x86 kernel for Microsoft Surface, based on linux-surface patches

    There are a lot of people asking about Microsoft Surface support for Android-x86 OSes like PhoenixOS Darkmatter or BlissOS. So I decided to compile some separate version for them, using patches from linux-surface team. There are 2 version I ported so far : benares (4.19.x) and pledge (5.10.x)...
  5. HMTheBoy154

    GearLock-Package ipsd for Android-x86

    HMTheBoy154 submitted a new resource: ipsd for Android-x86 - Userspace daemon for Intel Precise Touch & Stylus Intel Precise Touch & Stylus This is the userspace part of IPTS (Intel Precise Touch & Stylus) for Linux. With IPTS the Intel Management Engine acts as an interface for a touch...
  6. HMTheBoy154

    GearLock-Package [xanmod][GoogleLTS][codename:pledge] Kernel 5.10.x for Android-x86

    Theresa Apocalypse fanart by ESTCC, thank you for your beautiful artwork I. Introduction and Features Good evening, I hope you have a wonderful holiday so far. It's the end of the year meaning that a new LTS Kernel is released, so it's time for me to cover it. The goal is the same as 5.4 - to...
  7. HMTheBoy154

    Set Kernel to trick BIOS that it’s running a Windows version

    Some devices especially laptops is trying to limit the function of Linux by cutting down some hardware or limit, this will make not only Linux distros but also Android-x86 based OS like Darkmatter working improperly. Fortunately this can be fixed by faking the OSI (Operating System Interface...
  8. HMTheBoy154

    Tutorial How to properly activate and use USB Tethering on PhoenixOS Darkmatter (and any Android-x86 based OS)

    For USB Tethering, people will find some workaround way like plug and activate it when the OS is booting or using an app called Tetherx86 to use tether. But actually, there is one easy way that just need to use basic command like ifconfig, ip link and dmesg without having to install any external...
  9. HMTheBoy154

    Update Intel Microcode to Avoid TSC_DEADLINE Problem

    Have you ever feel annoyed when booting into Darkmatter or any Android-x86 version that show a warning like : It still boot, but you are feeling annoyed and also worry about what will happen. So I'll show you a simple fix for this :D This can apply to every Android-x86 version including...
  10. HMTheBoy154

    GearLock-Package [xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:sakura] Kernel 5.4.x for Android-x86

    Yae Sakura art by EGO I. Introduction and Features This kernel........... is like a trial since there's a lot of thing need to be done. I made this kernel with hoping that more hardware can be supported in Darkmatter. Hope that you guys can run this kernel and have the best experience you got...
  11. HMTheBoy154

    GearLock-Package Mesa Graphics Rendering Drivers by HMtheBoy154

    Source : I. Introduction and features Normally, you will see me compile and upload kernel only, but this time I am the one who upload Mesa. Weird huh >_>, and this Mesa version not only available for Intel, but also for AMD and Nvidia too. And I'll update it...
  12. HMTheBoy154

    GearLock-Package [zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:chariot] Kernel 4.9.x for Android-x86

    Bronya Zaychik art by 7nu I. Introduction and Features Well, time to continue my Kernel LTS series. This time with an old kernel that recommend for Virtual Machines (VMWare or Virtualbox) or people that using 2015 hardware and below :D Some small features : - Based on Android-x86's Kernel...
  13. HMTheBoy154

    [Vietnamese] Phoenix OS Darkmatter - Usage Policy (Chính sách sử dụng)

    Đây là bản dịch Chính sách sử dụng do @Night đăng vào 14/02/2020 .Bản gốc được đăng ở : Chính sách sử dụng được đưa ra nhằm giải đáp thắc mắc khi bạn muốn quảng bá dự án Phoenix OS Darkmatter (gọi tắt là DM) trên...
  14. HMTheBoy154

    Tutorial Understanding Android-x86 with Mauro Rossi on X.Org Developer Conference 2018

    Just one of the very interesting video on my Youtube Recommendation today that may help you a bit understanding about this Android-x86 Project :D Enjoy.
  15. HMTheBoy154

    Which kernel version is good for you ?

    So many choice right :D 1579881185 Well sakura is good for me :)
  16. HMTheBoy154

    GearLock-Package [xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:benares] Kernel 4.19.x for Android-x86

    Benares art by Marin Liekuriva , thank you for your amazing background :D I. Introduction and Features At first, this codename is for a kernel we made based on Intel Celadon project, but after that due to some problem in testing, we decided to abandon it. :/ But a little while ago, I found out...
  17. HMTheBoy154

    Tutorial [Exo 3.3 below] Installing Viper4Android for Phoenix OS Darkmatter (Driver & App version 2.7)

    Here are some easy step to install Viper4Android for your Darkmatter, to customize your sound for games, music, movies, etc. Write this quick tutorial for you guys before going to bed :D 1) Install Viper4Android 2.6 apk to get the driver...
  18. HMTheBoy154

    GearLock-Package [GoogleLTS][codename:comet] Kernel 4.14.x for Android-x86

    I. Introduction and Features Hello everyone, hope you have a good day :). After 3 weeks of compiling and testing. I introduce to you our work, a kernel that is fast, reliable and also it's the first POS Kernel that is support Realtek RTL8723de wireless. ? At first, let’s look at some...