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    Help Phoenix OS Darkmatter 4.7 not starting

    Revert back the build.prop change and try installing this.
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    Help Free Fire closing suddenly (Free Fire fechando sozinho)

    You probably didn't activate native-bridge on first-boot config screen.
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    Help Invite link for discord server

    Somehow the link was broken, it's updated now.
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    Help looking for a bypass

    I can but that'd be useless. Try to think a bit harder about why it would be.
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    Help looking for a bypass

    FYI, @erikads898 (POSBR developer) made an arm64 library working lot before you know. I started working on that gxp for easily installing+activating any version of arm-nb I put in the package, especially for the purpose of people struggling with enabling native-bridge on android-x86_nougat to...
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    Software GearLock - Custom Recovery Replacement for Android-x86

    It appears that I need to make some changes in the magisk-installer for adapting with the changes made in magisk v22.0. All you can do now is wait.
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    GearLock-Extension Advanced CLI utilities for Android-x86

    AXON updated Advanced CLI utilities for Android-x86 with a new update entry: v1.2 released Read the rest of this update entry...
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    GearLock-Extension Advanced CLI utilities for Android-x86 - v1.2 released

    New features Added viu - A simple terminal image viewer, with gif support too! ( Partially suggested by @HMTheBoy154 )
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    Help Discord invite link for SG

    Download gearlock installer from windows. Mount your DarkMatter partition using ParagonExtFS in windows. Copy the gearlock installer file into your DarkMatter Partition > data folder. Boot into darkmatter and follow the instructions of installing GearLock as described here...
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    Hope the best for you.

    Hope the best for you.
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    GearLock-Extension Panda Mouse Pro Support Layer for Android-x86

    It seems to be a common problem... Only @Night and @AngusX seem to have made it run on android-x86 nougat so far ... I will need some time to try and figure out the reason myself. All you can do is wait. I've got exams soon, so can't say it for sure. Anyway, I've handed this project to @Nemesis...
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    Help looking for a bypass

    Xen is no bypass. It's a native-bridge library unlike those thousands of GG scripts out there. It is just another nb like the other GamingProtocols(aka native-bridge) Alpha, Gamma, Omega, Delta. I named all of the available versions of nb with easy to remember alias and categorized them as...
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    Help Discord invite link for SG

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    Help PUBGM crash

    I probably missed your last mention since it was an old thread ... there are just too many notifications to check every day. Anyway, you can think you like, I don't care.
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    GearLock-Extension NFS-INJECTOR - Forcefulness/Energy Aware (Magisk not required)

    There is no password btw. It's just normal archive extractors can't recognize gxp encodings.
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    Help Lineage 2 Revolution and other Unreal Engine game crash

    @HMTheBoy154 Looks like you did research.
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    Help looking for a bypass

    Hmm yeah...
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    Help looking for a bypass

    Are you @AlphaNecron#7969 ?
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    Help dm 4.7 installation with linux

    It's just my personal perspective *inserts crying emojis*