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  1. talhanadeem382

    Help Keymapper For Bliss

    Hey m Here Disturbed You Guys Once Again And This Time I Am Looking For A Keymapper For Bliss OS! i Tried Panda Mouse Pro But That Is Only Availiable For Naughat Not For Pie!!
  2. talhanadeem382

    Help Bliss OS Gearlock Installation

    Hello I Found An Issue i just install Bliss OS Nd It Dosen't SHow My NTFS Drives And Then I Install Gearlock But Afte Installing Gearlock It Still Dosn't Show The NTFS Drives Can We Fix That??
  3. talhanadeem382

    Help Prime OS Modification

    Hello I Am A Beginner And I Want To Know How Do I Modify Prime OS Classic Like Changing The Boot Animation, Removing Extra Apps And CHnaging The OS Name??