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  1. RaHim

    Help problem with pubg mobile

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with the PUBG Mobile game .. The buildings and the enemies disappear. The same problem that faced the majority in the official emulator of the game whose solution was to change the engine ... But I used the Phoenix OS system, I did not find any solution .... I...
  2. RaHim

    Help Panda mouse pro primeos

    Pls any one make a video for how to install panda mouse pro in prime OS
  3. RaHim

    Help video

    Can someone make a video of installing Panda Mouse Pro in the Prime OS system?---Pls
  4. RaHim

    Help I need Help pls .. help me

    i have a big problem with all android OS phoenix or prime or android x86 OS ... i have NVIDIA GT 730 4GB DDR3/5 It cannot be used ... I think the problem is from the drivers .... can i install drivers in OS manually ..... pls help me.