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    READ THIS FIRST BEFORE DOING ANYTHING!!! If you are using DarkMatter Exo4.7 then you DO NOT need to install this. It's already pre-included in GearLock > Extensions. FAQ What this extension do ? * This spoofs the device model, in result you get 90FPS option enabled in settings of PUBGM. I...
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    GearLock-Extension ®FDE.AI - Ultimate Android-x86 Optimizer

    Nemesis submitted a new resource: ®FDE.AI - Ultimate Android-x86 Optimizer - No settings/customization and rest 'headache' - all parameters are individual for EVERY device. FDE.AI is a good alternative for NFS-INJECTOR. What's in FeraDroid Engine (simply FDE) - an All-in-One ultimate...
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    GearLock-Extension BaBye-Ads - Wanna say bye to ads ? ?

    Nemesis submitted a new resource: BaBye-Ads GearLock Extension - Helps you to kick out the adware's ouuta your PC :P Read more about this resource...