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  1. diaz

    Help Game lags after 10 minutes(pubg)

    wihch kernel/mesa you use ? and what resolution ? 1589290948 you can limit your gpu power from System#/sys/class/drm/card0 you will find gt_max_freq_mhz and boost try to lower them and reboot
  2. diaz

    Help PUBG freezing when pluging charge :(

    Hello You can use msr tools to fix that , but you have to monitor your cpu temp you can find me in discord
  3. diaz

    Things That Can Get You Banned in PUBG MOBILE

    Also , You will get banned for 3 months if you buy uc then refund it . some sellers do that: you pay them they charge your account with uc they request a refund from bank or google play you get banned
  4. diaz

    A Lightweight & Minimalistic Windows 7 alike Start-Menu Replacement for any Windows!

    useful tool , idk why i always call it classic hell
  5. diaz

    It is no longer safe to use GFX / GLTools for PUBG!

    this is not fair gfx tools arent harmful . they are ruining the game ...
  6. diaz

    [Roasted] The real face of Woltrex and other copycats ?

    most of us here are gamers ; looking to have good gaming experience mostly for pubg , I was a user of phoenix roc since v5 , version was going up but nothing new , only bugs i found darkmatter when i was searching for compiling resources solution .I am happy with it : very progressive ...
  7. diaz

    [Roasted] The real face of Woltrex and other copycats ?

    is it possible to contact phoenix os owner for permission ?
  8. diaz

    Mesa 19.1 *Early-Access* for some selected users

    you ate all my VC currency :D thanks for sharing will give feedback