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    App Octopus Keymapper for any android x86, and android mobile

    Thanks for the info. By the way, what is SAI installer?
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    App Octopus Keymapper for any android x86, and android mobile

    Does it work with BlissOS 11.13? I have tried many times installing Octopus keymappers but it always crashed.
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    Help Magisk IS not INSTILLING !!

    Same with BlissOS 11.13. I cant install Magisk using Gearlock latest. Any idea how? Any fix?
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    Help Bluetooth automatically disconnect in DM 4.7 BETA-2

    Anybody has this issue as well? I tried different kernels nothing worked to fix this bluetooth issue. Any ideas for this to be fixed?
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    Android x86 Darkmatter

    Android x86 Darkmatter
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    Help wifi keeps disconnecting

    I have tried Kernel 4.19.169 but still my bluetooth disconnects/re-connect itself. Any other Kernel suggestions?
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    Help wifi keeps disconnecting

    Any fix for Bluetooth automatically disconnects?
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    Help wifi keeps disconnecting

    I have also the same issue, but mine is “BLUETOOTH” which disconnects automatically itself after couple of seconds and reconnects again.
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    How to Free Up RAM in any Windows. Boost your RAM.

    What does “System Working Set” means and what is it for? Why does it have low-size memory?
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    Help Is it possible to replace Secondary Kernel in DM 4.6?

    Hi guys, i just have a question with regards in changing one of the four default kernels for Darkmatter 4.6. I just had an issue with it (the secondary kernel) that everytime i start Darkmatter it always freeze on “Darkmatter......” and i cant click anything. The Rest of the three kernels are...