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  1. ERZA

    Tutorial How to fix heavy unity games not running in androidx86 Nougat [Mobile Legends]

    good point and I posted this cuz I get this question alot
  2. ERZA

    Help Roblox doesn't work on phoenix os dark matter

    I think i heard it only works on PrimeOS BR and maybe available in PhoenixOS BR
  3. ERZA

    Tutorial How to fix heavy unity games not running in androidx86 Nougat [Mobile Legends]

    Some unity games does not run out-of-the-box in android 7. This issue can be fixed by applying unity patch which comes pre applied on Darkmatter 4.7. Because of hardware issues, a lot of you guys don't use Darkmatter 4.7. But all other system beside this don't come unity fix applied(Except...
  4. ERZA

    Help Running Darkmatter on logical partition

    it's not due to logical partition. I played games on logical part before. it is recommended you join discord server and try asking some one
  5. ERZA

    Help Cant run Mobile Legends

    first of all why don't you come in discord. I'm not always available here. and for mlbb it needs unity patch on before 4.7 I don't know about 4.5 but used to play on 4.6 now applying unity patch is tricky. it's best to do on a fresh install before starting the play store app. if you do not want...
  6. ERZA

    Help Cant run Mobile Legends

    in which system?
  7. ERZA

    Help Wild rift league of legends

    Erika is on it make it runnable on PhosenixOS. Currently only Bliss can run the arm64 version.
  8. ERZA

    Tutorial GNU GRUB Advanced (Install and Boot)

    GNU GRUB(Install and Boot) To maintain modularity while being lightweight grub has divided itself into 2 parts. 1st is the bootloader itself and 2nd is the folder containing modules which is called the prefix folder. Grub Boot Process: To modify grub’s boot we 1st need to understand it. Let's...
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    Tutorial Grub2Win/Grub2 guide.

    GNU GRUB Introduction: Grub is one of the most powerful boot loader.It's ability to load drivers, modules on the fly, startup almost any OS and the bash like script support makes it extremely customizable.Yet many doent know how to install and use the basic grub. What is Grub: Gurb is an open...
  10. ERZA

    I have a tough exam guys.So pray for me.I got some plans for darkmatter after exam.Like making...

    I have a tough exam guys.So pray for me.I got some plans for darkmatter after exam.Like making a darkmatter installer apk(Like the linux insaller programs). Tho it will be hard, i am sure jacksparrow will be able to push it to reality. So pray alot for me pls guys.
  11. ERZA

    Tutorial Modify UEFI with EFI Shell

    Tho UEFI is a feature rich firmware. It has been made complicated by the lack of reliable tools to manupulate it. Windows doent provide any native commands to modify UEFI. Thought entries can be added via bcdedit they are not accessable via boot menu and can only be booted via boot sequence...
  12. ERZA

    Get original Windows 10 LTSC with activation

    So Everyone knows about the goodness of LTSC now. But You can only get the 90day evaluation iso officially for free. Fortunetely the installed system from eval iso can be converted to full LTSC edition.So you no longer have to skim through sites for virus free isos Just grab the iso from...
  13. ERZA

    Help Cant run Mobile Legends

    found issue google play needs to be reset after unity fix also unity heavy games become corrupted while appling fix
  14. ERZA

    Help Cant run Mobile Legends

    But the game initiization works. it only gets after logo after initlized
  15. ERZA

    Help Cant run Mobile Legends

    I can't run mlbb on any androidx86 thought previous version only used to run on phoenix is only. Because its unity game I tried unity fix. But the game becomes not compatible after that. Pm install says no matching adis,could not extract native libraries red=-113