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  1. kanor45

    Tutorial Testing Remix OS 3.0.207 android v 6.01 with FlyDigi Apex2 controller

    Remix OS 3.0 Android 6.01 kernel 4.24 Keymapping : FlyDigi Game Center Controller: Apex 2
  2. kanor45

    Tutorial how to link App2SD

    Watch this video, its a bit boring no audio on it, hope it helps, watch => youtube link 1607351343 i use sdb1 as disk where my ext4 partition located for backup files "hdd1(sda1) , hdd2(sdb1)"
  3. kanor45

    youtube 144p small screen not stretch, how to fix this?

    how to fix this? youtube green screen
  4. kanor45

    Help game stuck,

    any idea how to fix this, i already enable_nativebridge, the problem is the game is always stuck can't finish it? i have already place the ARM directory but still got errors
  5. kanor45

    Tutorial how to mount ntfs disk

    How to mount ntfs disk on Terminal for disk 1 this code will reset after restart. if you have app2sd you can create script schedule on it. > #su is for superuser root permission su #cd is used to change directory path to work on cd /mnt #mkdir is use to make directory "newdisk" is the folder...
  6. kanor45

    Help Compatible android apps for PhoenixOS DarkMatter 4.7

    Playing Farm Simulator 16 this game does not need any gamehelper if you have joypad(Ipega,Moga,Xbox,Ps2) 1606450153 If your using DarkMatter and has Low speaker volume try this app: this app can help boost the speaker volume and it work for me. can be downloaded on playstore appName: Volume...
  7. kanor45

    Help Temporary Solution to Disable Virt_wifi(Thanks to GearLock codes)

    Extract and Run This Script to disable things needed: 1. app2sd 2. notepad steps: run app2sd then find the taskscheduler there you can set the path and schedule on boot to run reboot (see the attach picture ) this only temporary...
  8. kanor45

    Help adjusting screen with terminal

    By using Terminal you can adjust your screen or custom size and density.
  9. kanor45

    Help Magisk Modules

    does this fix if you dont have wifi?