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  1. AXON

    Help best kernel and mesa for UHD 630???

    Searching the keyword i3 10100 helps 1632802875 1632802970...
  2. AXON

    Help Best MESA & Kernel for Intel HD 4400 for performance & then stability

    You might find something if you try searching for the keyword 4400
  3. AXON

    Help Mouse accleration in primeOS 0.5 BETA

    Here's an idea. You could try lowering the in-game sensitivity. Most probably empty it.
  4. AXON

    Help Darkmatter boots to safe mode!

    @manojsedain7420 can you upload me your geardump logs? Follow this guide after you boot into safe mode:
  5. AXON

    Help Remove phoenix os darkmatter after installing on dual boot

    Just remove the grub code from where you had added previously and run sudo update-grub.
  6. AXON

    Help Darkmatter 4.7beta2 keeps freezing ramdonly

    Don't use nividia, use iGPU
  7. AXON

    Croudsource Will there be mods of primeos??

    It'll be a piece of cake to patch almost any android-x86 distro with most of the DarkMatter components with the help of BigDroid. We're also building DarkMatter in the same way right now. The idea is to create a bunch of independent patch set that could be applied in most mainstream distros. So...
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  9. AXON

    Help Gamehelper sight not working good

    @Jaxparrow what do you think about this?
  10. AXON

    Help BGMI long matchmaking time

    100% working PUBG bypass tutorial link below 👇
  11. AXON

    Help Gearlock app not installed

    An old version can not/will not help you anyhow. And could you upload a full image of your monitor with that gearlock installer message
  12. AXON

    Help Here is just a technical error

    How are you actually compressing and using it? If you're using squashfs then check your logcats.
  13. AXON

    Stuck on Gearlock screen. Little help please

    Have you tried updating mesa too? BTW, what was your GPU?
  14. AXON

    Help call of duty

    I'm speaking from evidence but not my assumptions. They perform several checks to ensure its not an emulator other than theirs. This also includes checking GPU and CPU-ABI testing against a file to see if it runs. They will instantly terminate their game without any visual useful information...
  15. AXON

    News Window 11 and Intel' Bridge Technologyof Android x86 translation of ARM platform

    Lol no, I don't mean anything to your message. I was just thinking about this thread as a whole.
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    Help call of duty

    They do not allow third party emulators, the only way to play this game is to use illegal bypass cheat and we can't help you with that.
  17. AXON

    Help Mesa driver installation problem

    Well. You're in a bad luck now. Although you can swap cables or unplug your Nividia GPU to use the integrated iGPU if you have a desktop. That should solve your issue hopefully. Otherwise SUFFER.
  18. AXON

    Help Darkmatter 4.7beta2 keeps freezing ramdonly

    You guys might wanna experiment some of the bleeding edge builds. Throw in some new kernel and mesa as well.
  19. AXON

    Help call of duty

    Please use English.
  20. AXON

    Help Mesa driver installation problem

    What's your GPU?