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  1. meowed

    Help Does enabling VT (Virtualization Technology) increases performance of Games on Androidx86 OS.

    I've installed several emulators on pc like bluestacks, ld player, memu etc. They always ask for enabling VTx from the bios setup to increase it's performance. So I would like to know that enabling VT on our pc increases the performance of Games in DarkMatter too? Thanks:coffee:
  2. meowed

    Help Infected with .aeur virus

    Recently my windows is infected by aeur virus (RANSOMWARE). My one whole drive is infected, each and every file (photos, music, videos, software, text documents) is infected. Q. What it actually does? Ans. It permanently encrypt your file and change it extension to .aeur The way to decrypt your...
  3. meowed

    Help Which one of them is best and fast?

    I was scrolling through the blog section and find two version of windows! One of them was based On WIndows 8.1 Embedded and another was one Windows 10 LTSC, so which one will be best in terms of performance and smoothness? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks <3
  4. meowed

    Help Fingerprint Login

    Hey! I have an in-built hardware for fingerprint locking in my laptop, which works fine in Windows. How can I use fingerprint screen lock in Phoenix-OS_Darkmatter. Thanks.
  5. meowed

    Help Live Walpaper

    How can I set an custom mp4 file as live wallpaper in dm 4.7
  6. meowed

    Help How to quick/hot reboot android-x86

    Could anyone tell me that what command should I input in terminal in order to quick reboot my pc (hot reboot).
  7. meowed

    Info Best Kernel and Mesa For my pc is....

    My PC Specs are as follows:- CPU - i5 3rd generation Graphics - Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 RAM - 8GB The best combination of Kernel and Mesa for the following specs is:- Kenrel- 4.9.226 zen-GoogleLTS Darkmatter Mesa - 17.1.10 Constant 60fps at online multiplayer battle royal games. Thanks...
  8. meowed

    Game How can I play Brawl Stars in Dm4.7?

    Hello Guys! I want to play Brawl Stars in dm4.7. But it always shows the message that "Brawl Stars Keeps Stopping". So it would be great if someone will help me with this. Which version and build should I download, and how do start the game? Thanks. (+ anyone please tell that how to play pubg...
  9. meowed

    Help Editing UI

    Hey! Can anyone help me to how to change the taskbar colour of darkmatter 4.6? Without changing the background walpaper!