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  1. arpan_singh_uif

    Help An Emulator Question does anyone know?

    If i Root Bluestacks 4 and install lspeed andset at perfermance moe does the bluestacks will run faster
  2. arpan_singh_uif

    Help Does 802.11n work as wifi in Android-x86

    I want to know that 802.11n works as wifi in darkmatter or not . Because in normal phoniex os it does not work....
  3. arpan_singh_uif

    Help I cant use super user and gltools when i click it setting crashes.

    There is an app link2sd which needs superuser permission it cant get because when u open superuser in setting it gets crashed. help axon 1625712888 when i open gearlock only black screen come on upper bar it is written window 1
  4. arpan_singh_uif

    Help cannot install initrd.img

    When I CHOOSE ExtFS after installing grub2win a error occurs it says failed to install initrd.img .... after restarting the problem does not solve.