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  1. NotSnail

    Help how to change kernel and mesa without gearlock ?

    I cannot run primeos because k4.19 is not compatible with my pc . So is there a way to change mesa and kernel without gearlock . It would be very helpful .
  2. NotSnail

    News Really octopus now working in android x86?

    Nothing to say more than this .
  3. NotSnail

    Info Windows 10 LTSC (The absolute beast version of windows !)

    MY low end pc specs i3-1005G1 with intel uhd graphics 8gb ram 256GB nvme m.2 ssd That should be enough Now it should be clear that this is just a review for Windows 10 ltsc. I downloaded the preactivated iso already in this website by @scar link -...
  4. NotSnail

    Help Mouse problem

    I have a dell mouse MS116 . In a span of one year this is the third mouse . Whenever i buy a new mouse it works flawlessly but just after 2-3 months the mouse does not right click and then now it does not even click properly . This is happening quite regularly and i have heard that these dell...
  5. NotSnail

    News My review for WSA on windows

    my windows 11 version 22000.282(stable version) To install wsa with play store i followed this guys video. There is no video available that is easier to follow than his Everything is very smooth > Did not find any slow downs but - The run consumption reached 95% while only running one game...
  6. NotSnail

    Croudsource Will there be mods of primeos??

    As you guys know that the primeos team is working on primeos 2.0 based on android 11 , I wanted to know whether @AXON @HMTheBoy154 and other devs are planning on making any primeos 2.0 Darkmatter mods (when it will come out obviously) . Although it is a bit early , i am just asking as android 7...
  7. NotSnail

    Help I need help regarding gameloop

    If there is anyone in this forum who uses gameloop chinese version , i request them to provide me with some files . Just go to this location and give me only the appmarket folder . You can upload the file wherever you can Google drive , mega mediafire etc except baidu cloud . Just share the...
  8. NotSnail

    Help An awkward wifi problem .

    I have a Airtel hotspot which is fine until I use proton vpn(or any other vpn ) in DM . Internet does not work and i cannot visit any website after the vpn is connected . But using protonvpn in windows with the same wifi works just fine . But when I connect any other wifi , the vpn in DM works...
  9. NotSnail

    Software How is gameloop able to do this ?

    I use gameloop chinese version to play Pubg but somehow the guest account i once made is not reset . I reinstalled windows many times but somehow whenever i login to my guest account the account remains the same . Does anyone knows how is this possible ?
  10. NotSnail

    Help Using the same wifi gives more ping in DM4.7

    When i use my wifi and play pubg mobile in dm4.7 , the ping 180+ whereas when i play on gameloop using the same wifi ping is 80 , how is this possible ? Can this be fixed?
  11. NotSnail

    Help Does anyone play PUBG MOBILE on pheonixos??

    I am a long time pubg mobile player and never new about separate gameloop lobby until recently and always wandered why matchmaking took so long time . So anyone knows about making the matchmaking time in pos faster for all game modes . If it is not possible , how do you guys play it or don't...
  12. NotSnail

    Croudsource Is the androidx86 project becoming dead?

    As for the last year the androidx86 has only updated android 7 and 8 and there are no updates for android 9 nor any release of android 10 or 11 . So if anyone knows if the project been stopped or it is just due to the pandemic that the development is slow because Blissos has been in constant...
  13. NotSnail

    Tutorial How to install windows 10 LTSC for testing

    You will probably be wandering that i am going to talk about Virtualbox / Vmware but it still does not show the full compatibility and performance Those of you who are wandering if Windows 11 or Ltsc or windows 8.1 embedded version is compatible with your device or want to know if they are...
  14. NotSnail

    Help How to install Project-X?

    I heard of some people talking of project-x in this forum . I grabbed the latest iso from the pos br youtube channel but that iso does not boot on my laptop . My specs i3-1005G1 8gb ram 256 gb nvme ssd Can someone make a detailed guide for installation , I could not find it on POS BR channel
  15. NotSnail

    Help Keymapping in xdroid android emulator

    From the supreme gamers wiki , I came to know about xdroid . Installed it in ubuntu and it was fast . Arm apps do run . Pubg mobile ran and i was able to download the resources . Everything was in chinese so I was using yandex translate to use it . I came across some keymapping setting using...
  16. NotSnail

    Croudsource Petition to add PPPOE/DSL support in androidx86

    After searching the internet for pppoe support in androidx86 , I came across this Gentoo article This speaks about the kernel options required and steps for a pppoe connection . So is it possible to add this in Darkmatter . If it is possible pls add it or you can...
  17. NotSnail

    Info Slow Internet on specific sites

    I am a Indian who lives in Mumbai and has taken a 50 mega bits per second connection through a pppoe /dsl connection(Edgenet bradband services pvt ltd) . Now this internet was blazing fast for the first few months . But after some time i noticed that downloads from all other sites except google...
  18. NotSnail

    Game Why PUBG MOBILE is for mobile players only

    This is just my views on pubg mobile and if it is worthy of being so popular(on emulators) as it is today. Some of the cons and pros of pubg mobile(on emulator) and Only gameloop lobby You can get stuck anywhere in the map ( I got stuck between a staircase and my knocked team mate and got...
  19. NotSnail

    News BGMI is coming to emulators but..

    Yesterday gameloop pushed an update for PUBG Mobile 1.5 and bgmi coming next week . Now according to gameloop they would only publish bgmi if they get permission from krafton . Since it is coming after bgmi update , it is a possibility krafton has enabled emulator detection and emulator lobby in...
  20. NotSnail

    Tutorial Best Android emulator for linux with virgl

    If you are linux user or if you nvidia graphics card is better supported in linux but not in android x86 then this is for you . You can use any debian based linux distro for this but i would recommend linux mint . Now you just copy paste these commands in the terminal sudo apt install qemu...