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  1. NightStrike

    Help Free Fire opening issue

    Hi I am using vintage v2. My problem is when i download free fire and open it get stop working how do i fix this problem plz help me
  2. NightStrike

    Help Nvidia Geforce GT 730 2GB ddr3 Graphics Driver update issue

    Hello, I am facing a problem with Nvidia Geforce GT 730 2GB DDR3 which is when i try to update my graphics driver 391.35 to latest graphics driver it says Installation can't continue. That's why i can't play maximum games(graphics driver crush). If someone know how to fix this problem then plz...
  3. NightStrike

    Help is there any Android OS which OS support Desktop graphics card?

    I have Nvidia Geforce GT 730 2gb ddr3 graphics card but i tried phoenix os official and every moded version but my graphics card didn't dadicate. Is there any Android OS which OS dedicate graphics card?
  4. NightStrike

    Help Can Mesa 18.3.6 detect Nvidia Graphics Card?

    I am not a laptop user. few days ago i bought a new Graphics card(Nvdia Geforce GT730 2GB) from market. But my problem is Pheonix os and modded version did not dedicate my graphics card i downloaded every modded OS example: Thunder,Thanos V6, Abstergo, vintage, Darkmatter etc but its giving...
  5. NightStrike

    Help Phoenix os and modded version didn't deducate nvidia gpu

    I have a big problem. I bought a new gpu(Nvidia Geforce GT 730) few days ago but after installing Nvidia graphics driver and uninstalling processor integrated graphics driver then i am facing a problem which is my phoenix os didn't deducate Nvidia gpu(not detecting Nvidia gpu) everyone just...
  6. NightStrike

    Help Phoenix os gpu problem

    My problem is : I installed new graphics card on my pc (Nvidia Geforce GT 730 2gb) and i use thunder os 4.4 but my pubg game lagging so much it's not giving 60fps it's stuck on 40fps my game setting : Smooth + Extream still giving 40fps and lagging so much but when i have not graphics card i use...
  7. NightStrike

    Help Mouse unlock without clicking mouse unlock key

    I can't understand when i play pubg(in match) sometimes my mouse unlock without clicking my keyboard key(my mouse unlock key is Ctrl) If u know how to fix this problem then plz reply me.