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  1. YHR

    Help Vphonegaga..?

    How to fix vphonegaga crash in DM 4.7 Beta 2 ?
  2. YHR

    Help Screenshot...?

    How to increase screenshot quality in DM 4.7 Beta 2 ? The screenshot is not clear.
  3. YHR

    Help Dm 4.7 Beta 2 Play Store...??

    No need. I just restarted and the problem solved.
  4. YHR

    Help Dm 4.7 Beta 2 Play Store...??

    That's good. But I need to download the ppp widget which can only be downloaded from play store. Local apk installation is not supported. It detects local apk installation and gives error. That is why I need play store.
  5. YHR

    Help Kernel 5.15

    It may be work.
  6. YHR

    Help Dm 4.7 Beta 2 Play Store...??

    I can't download apps from play store. When I click install it stucks and after a minute it says play store in not responding. how to fix this problem?
  7. YHR

    Help Android Custom rom..?

  8. YHR

    Help Android Custom rom..?

    Can I install android custom rom on pc via dual boot or virtual machine?
  9. YHR

    Help OpenThos..?

    How to install openthos os on pc. It is img file so I can't install it with Advanced Android x86 Installer.
  10. YHR

    Help Gearrec..??

    How to increase the video quality in gearrec??
  11. YHR

    MOD Octopus Keymapper

  12. YHR

    Help does the os work on virtualbox?

    Which os?
  13. YHR

    MOD Octopus Keymapper

    That's right. But I need pro features in octopus, this is why I am asking for octopus.gxp. Or give me a mod version of it, that has pro features enabled.
  14. YHR

    MOD Octopus Keymapper

    Yes, this is octopus 3.0, which is very old and it is modified by PhoenixOS team. You can't update it.
  15. YHR

    Help Octopus Keymapper

    I need Octopus pro version on Darkmatter. Because I want to use macro in some offline games.
  16. YHR

    MOD Octopus Keymapper

    I think not.
  17. YHR

    MOD Octopus Keymapper

    Can anyone make octopus.gxp file for Darkmatter?
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    Help Google login issue.

  19. YHR

    Help Game Helper

    Is there any way to update game helper? Or can I use macro in Darkmatter without id ban?
  20. YHR

    Help Google login issue.

    Oh! Thank you.