Advanced Android-x86 Installer For Windows

Software Advanced Android-x86 Installer For Windows v1.8


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Thanks, can it be newer than kernel 5.4? I see version 5.8 on these downloads, but not sure if I should search for older versions:
Lineage OS builds are only android 10 which are unmaintained and do not support arm apps, only android 11 and 9 is updated and have ARM/ARM64 apps support.
If you want to download Bliss OS builds instead of lineage OS then go to, I would recommend Bliss OS 11.14 kernel 5.10 build.


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I'm getting an error writing iso: I've tried 2 different iso, as well as reformatting, reparting over and over. Any ideas how to continue?
Run the installer from C drive, it is also possible that your antivrus is conflicting. If that didnt work then manually copy initrd.img, ramdisk.img , kernel, gearlock, system.sfs from iso to the folder created by the installer.

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