Tutorial Best Android emulator for linux with virgl


If you are linux user or if you nvidia graphics card is better supported in linux but not in android x86 then this is for you .
You can use any debian based linux distro for this but i would recommend linux mint .

Now you just copy paste these commands in the terminal

sudo apt install qemu qemu-kvm
sudo adduser `id -un` kvm

After qemu is installed , we need to make a virtual hdd . For now i am giving it 10 gb. paste this commands in the terminal

qemu-img create -f qcow2 androidx86_hda.img 10G

The virtual hard disk will be of some kbs but its size will increase as you install android .
Now download an iso of android from android x86 website . Android 9.0 r2 with Kernel 4.9 has the best stability and compatibility . You can even use BlissOS but you need to have uefi bios(in the vm) and blissos version 11.14 as it has kvm support .Android 10 builds have mouse problem . Darkmatter has some weird problems . Pheonix OS works .

Pasting this in terminal starts the vm

qemu-system-x86_64 \
-enable-kvm \
-m 2048 \
-smp 2 \
-cpu host \
-soundhw es1370 \
-device virtio-mouse-pci -device virtio-keyboard-pci \
-serial mon:stdio \
-boot menu=on \
-net nic \
-net user,hostfwd=tcp::5555-:22 \
-device virtio-vga,virgl=on \
-display gtk,gl=on \
-hda androidx86_hda.img \
-cdrom android-x86_64-9.0-r2.iso

m is memory in mb .smp is for no of cpu cores assigned to the vm .Just change the value . Dont give values more than your computer has .The location of the iso file should be given after cdrom .

Miscellaneous tips .
I like to copy the command to launch to text file and save it as .sh file extension and change the permissions to run it as program . Then you can just double click the file and choose to run the vm .

This is if you are a linux user and don't want to restart to use android or if you hardware is better supported in linux as for nvidia cards or if wifi does not work . You may run into graphic glitches sometimes . Restarting the vm fixes those issues . Upgrading kernel through gearlock wont work because they dont have have kvm and virgl support .

To change vm resolution refer to this article

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