Help dm 4.7 installation with linux


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recently I install linux on my computer as my main OS ,but i unable to install dm 4.7 with linux
I tried many ways that available in Internet but anything not working with me ...

please help me😭😭


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bro , can you share installation steps of dm 4.7 in linux
I am totally noob in linux ,
please help me
Well, create/format a new partition with file system ext4, you can use GParted to do that. Open a terminal and paste this command to install it: sudo apt-get install gparted
Search on Google how to create/format partitions with GParted.

Download the DarkMatter 4.7 ISO file and extract it into the new partition that you just created.
In this case you just need to extract the following files: system.sfs initrd.img ramdisk.img gearlock kernel findme and make a folder named data inside that partition too.

Now, make the GRUB menu show when you turn on your computer, to let you choose which operating system you want to boot.

Paste this in a terminal and hit Enter: sudoedit /etc/default/grub
Find "GRUB_TIMEOUT=" and change the value to whatever you want, like 3 or 5.
Save pressing Ctrl+s and close pressing Ctrl+x

Now, in the terminal execute: sudoedit /etc/grub.d/40_custom
Copy the code below and paste it on the bottom of /etc/grub.d/40_custom

menuentry 'DarkMatter' {
set root='(hd0,7)'
insmod all_video
search --set=root --file /findme
linux /kernel quiet noibrs noibpb nopti nospectre_v2 nospectre_v1 l1tf=off nospec_store_bypass_disable no_stf_barrier mds=off mitigations=off intel_pstate=disable root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=android_x86_64 androidboot.selinux=permissive acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode SRC=/
initrd /initrd.img

Save pressing Ctrl+s and close pressing Ctrl+x

⚠️ WARNING: On set root='(hd0,7)' you
have to change the number 7 for the number of the partition you created for DarkMatter, in my case is sda7.
To find out that number just execute in a terminal: lsblk
Grab the number after sda

Finally execute this command in a terminal: sudo update-grub

Restart the computer
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