How to Fix cropped external monitor in Phoenix OS & android x86

If you have an external monitor / TV connected to your Phoenix os Darkmatter you might have faced this cropped screen issue.


Since many of you guys are asking how to fix this i think i should make a post on how you can fix this with grub2win & some extra grub codes.

[Custom Grub Codes for External Monitor]

#1 vga=788 video=LVDS-1:d video=1920x1080

#2 vga=788 video=eDP-1:d video=1920x1080

[ Info ]

Try both of the above codes one by one & see which one works for you.

you can replace video=1920x1080 with your monitor resolution like

"vga=788 video=eDP-1:d video=1440x900 "

[Some FAQ for noobs]

#1 Why my laptop goes black after this ?

because by using this grub code you are forcing kernel to use you external display.

#2 Can we use phoenix os as extended display ?

No you can't it's only supported by some monitors if by adding above grub codes gives you extended display then you are lucky.

#3 What is LVDS / eDP ?

It's your display connector type that's being used by grub.

#4 How to find my display connector type ?

Boot into any live linux usb like Ubuntu & type following command in terminal

" Xrandr --query"

see which one is connected to your external monitor then replace in above code like :-

"vga=788 video=HDMI-1:d video=1920x1080 "

if you are getting HDMI as connected display.


#5 How to change too small or too big letter issues in monitor ?

Download Easy DPI Changer app from playstore .

#6 how to change my display refresh rate I've a 144Hz Moniter (aka Rich bois) ?

Update you kernel to latest 4.19.92+ And this line at the end of you build.prop (#/system/build.prop)

#7 How to fix many game resolution ?

> for pubg you can use gfx+ tool & change your gamehelper keymapping to 1080/2k resolution.
> for other games just customize controls make buttons smaller & adjust gamerhelper keymapps according to it.
> if you mess up your keymapping any time just press reset button to set it default.

[ How to apply custom grub config ]

After you know the basics this should be an easy thing to do just goto following location :-


Now put your custom grub code to following location :-
you can put these to which ever boot option you use


now save the file & boot using your custom grub code.

[ Alternative method ]

if you have following my ultimate grub buster video guide & don't use custom boot entries.

> just open grub2win.exe & click Manage Boot memu > customize entry > click your grub entries & edit them like this :-


So now i hope you can finally fix your monitor screen resolution, if you still are having problems you can ping me anytime on discord or just leave you comment below.:giggle:



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read the post again from FAQ section and read it carefully it will answer all of your questions don't just jump on grub config & start testing the settings i 've given here.
you need to find your display / HDMI port name.
input that port name in grub
set the resolution of you monitor and save the grub file.
i found my connector is eDP when i used this in my grub code it force shuts down my laptop screen but my tv screen stuck at a screen "_" at the top and nothing else